View Full Version : August 4/5/6 VHF

07-30-2004, 05:18 PM
VHF's are great and fish info is one good reason to have one.

Heading over 8/4,5,6 and will spend one day off Monomoy/Chatham looking for bbft's. Then maybe to Falmouth/Cotuit/MV area for a day to target bonito/macks and last day will be where we caught the most fish. Handle is "Forester RT". Anyone wanting to receive or share info. would be appreciated. Will monitor 16 and 9--however I think, but I am not sure ,that 16 is recommended for us recreational types and 9 is comm. channel. Then to 71.

On Thursday the 5 should be off Chatham as a friend will be meeting us and we have pretty much decided that is where we will go. Hopefully the bigger tides will bring in da fish! Have GPS and all bouy's for Monomoy plugged in so fog is not a problem.

Good luck all! :-%