View Full Version : canal report, 8/28 evening

08-29-2004, 08:29 PM
me and a buddy went down by the herring run last night, but no luck. we tried rapala-type minnows, big eye plastic shad, surface poppers, slug-gos, and a few other random things. my buddy was leaving his rapala-type floater on the surface after casting, and after doing this one time, he ended up with an empty line. something had pulled the swivel open and bent the wire leader up pretty good, and taken the lure of course. i can only imagine it was a big blue running the canal at night. i heard a few fish hit stuff on the surface right when the tide hit high, but other than that, not much going on!

one thing i hadn't seen before having not fished around the herring run at night. there's a MILLION jellies that come out of it a little while after dark!!!!!!! there was something hitting them too, and i caught a glimpse of a 10" fish or so jumping out of the water a few time.