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09-25-2004, 08:09 AM
First of all my appologies to the hard core fly guys....

My buddy and I are new to offshore fishing. We had a glorious day on the water FR PM around Scantum and saw whales, dolphins, seals and best of all, several "pods" of tunoids as we like to call them.

That was goal number one. We watched for bird action and had several attempts to cast into the speedy little fellas. Now we need to increase our odds of hooking up and I figured I'd ask a few experts.

- We were casting crippled herring and crippled herring like lures. I assumed that a fast retrieve is what they would like. Correct???
- Does anyone hook frequently casting at them or is this a VERY low probability way to fish?
- Are we better off with bait OR trolling while covering ground to bring them up to the surface?

Thanks for your opinions. The run and gun approach seems like it would frustrate me too quickly. Those little buggers appeared to not like to hang out on the surface for more than 30 seconds as we drifted near them.

I am hoping to use the SBFT cleaning advise I just read. Steaks on the grill with friends and good booze... I don't think it can get better than that...

Thanks in advance

09-25-2004, 11:05 AM
Down my way the SBFT are on very small bait and difficult to hook-up casting to right now. Remember, you are imitating the bait, not trying to make the lure go as fast as a tuna. A moderate retrieve making the lure move like the bait is what you need. Don't cast right into the pod, cast over it or to the side and LET THE LURE SINK FIRST before you start cranking it in. Good luck! Make sure you have a NMFS permit! You can take one fish a day >27" and <73".

09-25-2004, 01:08 PM
If you don't mind me asking, what time of day did you see the tuna?
I think the advice mentioned above is as good as any advice you'll get. It takes skill and luck :)

Too Fly
09-25-2004, 01:48 PM
It takes skill and luck.

Which is why I haven't boated one in two years. --124-3

I did get two hits last week. The tuna missed the hook on the first and the second knocked the lure out of the water. My buddy managed to get one boatside, but I blew that one too. --124-3

It's cool though, I'll get at least one before the season is up. :brow

09-25-2004, 05:39 PM
newburyporter....i'm in the same boat, not new to salt fishing, but new to sbft game...what is scantum???..i fished out of plymouth today, started around 7am and went about 5-8 mi east of the point. Not many boats out there so we did the drift and wait thing in about 110ft of water. 2X we moved south a bit and found sbft breaking uder some birds. Got off a good cast each time, right close to the fish and before my lure hit the water, i swear they were gone. Threw herring imitation 1-1/2oz 4 in. Had a nice look coming thru the water. I dont know if i'll get out again this year for them, but i know my fishing days aren't over until i've hooked one. Then after i worked out all the errors, i'll think about landing one.

Enjoyed your question and the responses it got. It always gets my hopes back up relating to someone in similiar circumstance.

09-25-2004, 05:45 PM
I have had good luck with a yozuri hydro with a somewhat slow retrieve. Let it sink for a five count, then reel it in. Not too fast (my opinion) Also, I beleive you can keep two fish per day over 27 and under 73 and one fish per year over 73 with a recreational permit. Good luck.

09-25-2004, 05:59 PM
Salty, it just got changed to 1 for recreational after Sept 21...


09-25-2004, 08:43 PM
Scantum is basin inside jeffery's ledge on the N. Shore of MA. Cove, Prong etc are features there in.

I was with NPBT'er and we both blew out of work early on Friday 2 ish. I had word from a marina mate who was out sharking Jeffreys Thursday that he had seen the SBFT on the way in. We left the river 2:30 ish and saw our first school around 10 miles out toward the cove at 3:30 ish (went down toward halibut first to follow the 180 line). Saw the last school around 5:30, took a few shots but were running out of time (we were 20 + miles from the river at this point) and headed back not wanting to run in the dark.

Great advise above. From the sounds of it we were not letting the lures sink enough and retrieving to fast. We were throwing Kastmasters, Crippled Herring, Hyozuri hydro metals and some Peanut Bunker plugs. We guessed perfect on one drift and if I had a harpoon we could have stuck'em (I know, you need a harpoon permit). What a psych job when you could not walk out and place your lure any better, but no interest. The pleasures of the beginning of the learning curve. Well if it was easy if would not be fun.

Waves permitting trying again tomorrow morning. Tight lines.

09-26-2004, 08:17 AM
Thanks for the replies. It sounds like slowing down the reteive at a deeper level is in order. I thought they took from the surface. THANKS!

The gentleman that I co-own my boat, anut, (and he is :-% (#$119) ) addressed the time and geography issues.

Does anyone troll? I have a friend on the Cape who trolls the southern waters and hooks up with a hig frequency. Does that work up North for the wee fellas?

Lastly, has anyone done a bit of research on the tuna stock? Is it growing or shrinking? Has the giant population stabalized? I like to fish but in no way do I want to be part of creating a problem. I cannot imagine not having all the fun we have with Stripers and if tough regulations had not been imposed 10 years ago, we would not be having fun now. I kept only 2 stripers all year. One lucky 37" 20 pounder got to go back cause I already had one in the freezer... (see pic) I have seen some postings that some folks think the lower limit for SBFT should be higher than 27" to help the species. Any thought on the topic. Any good reading material would also be appreciated.. I will post as a new thread as well to see what others think.

thanks again....