View Full Version : Merrimack/PI 9/26

09-27-2004, 07:07 AM
Left cashmans at 6am. Slow but steady pick on the schoolies on the west end of Joppa and south of the toothpick. Lots of birds flying around but they seem to be looking more than chasing. Did not see any bait, lots of micro shrimp tho.

Ran out off Plum Is around 8am and trolled south in 50-60 ft of water. Near constant action on large (8-12 lb) blues. All you want. Hooked fish would be followed by 2-3 others. Had a blast dropping a large white Deciever to the followers. Hookup every time. Just about wore out my Trident 9W, blew thru all my flies in about an hour...course by then we could hardly hold the fly rod anyway.

Was marking bait consistently in the 50-60 ft depth but no idea what it was. Nothing doing on the surface...you had to troll plugs with big lips and alot of flash to get the fish to come up. Not a striper to be seen offshore...