View Full Version : Bonefish fly help/opinions

Mark Dougherty
10-03-2004, 07:55 AM
On a recent rip to Abaco, my guide carefully inspected my "gocha's". I use Sparkel Braid for the body, chain link eyes of course, polar fiber under and gold cord tail....prety basic stuff.....I also tie in a few strand of crystal flash on top of the polar fiber...then I "bar" the polar fiber with an olive pen for a
"sectional" look to the body.....MY POINT: The guide said "looks good BUT"
tie the flash to the sides and the the top riding area along with the polar material.....Hmmmm...any thoughts ?
PS Glass Bead eyes , on burnt mono and glued in place seemed to turn on the bigger fish.....

10-03-2004, 09:40 AM
There are a lot of different patterns that will work for bones. Sometimes I think that, at one time or another, I've tied most of them for customers. Everyone has his (or her) own idea of what works best in a given situation. Here's how I approach it. I don't use many different patterns but absolutely make certain that the fly will do what is needed. For tailing fish in little current I use small bugs that sink slowly if at all, land very quietly, and generally match the color of the bottom with the exception of a bit of orange or pink. A Crazy Charlie or Gotcha usually makes too much noise when landing for that situation... If that same shallow water also has a current cutting across then the Gotcha or similar pattern will work just fine. If I have a pattern that works well I want it in more than one size and will also vary the size and weight of the eyes used. A Gotcha tied with a medium lead eye works really well in three or four feet of water over mudding fish or fish working a channel edge where there's a good current. Wherever your fly lands it must get down on the bottom before the fish sees it since that's where they're feeding (most of the time -- there are exceptions). Down in Belize and other areas with spooky fish in very shallow water with only a little current, a guide will take a Crazy Charlie or Gotcha and carefully cut off the eyes entirely to make the bug usable....

Although most anglers want to prepare in advance for a trip to the flats often the flies may not be what's needed on scene. After tying up a basic selection in several sizes your best bet may be to bring home a sample of what the guide was using and do your tying after that trip... Of course then you'll have to go back and try them out...