View Full Version : 10/6 Buzzards Bay / Falmouth Report

10-06-2004, 08:42 PM
Today I had a 1/2 day "Show me around Buzzard's Bay" trip with Alan. He is new to boating the area and wanted to learn some hotspots and get to know the lay of the land (or water) around Buzzards Bay.

We met at Bourne Marina around 1300 and headed out. It was a nice day and the tour of the bay went just great. We went from spot to spot and discussed how certain areas fish at certain times of the season.

After about 2 hours I decided that some fishing might make the trip a bit more interesting. I asked Alan if he had ever caught an albie. He said "no" but he was certainly interested. I diverted to an area I hoped would be holding a few fish for us. Larry B had put me on this little gem a few days back and it was loaded with hungry albies. After a short trip we arrived to find TONS of breaking albies right were we left them the other day.

I set Alan up with a 6'6" St Croix and 10# test with a small Yo Zuri swimmer. With the fish busting all around and Alans ability to cast to a dime it wan't long before he was tight to his first albie. Although the fish never made the "big" run, it showed Alan how fast they can change direction and force you to run around the boat chasing them. A few minutes later I tailed Alan's first hardtail. After a few pics we were back on the hunt.

The action continued with the next fish being a bluefish that took advantage of an albie's miss of the lure. Then the Cappy got a shot with some tin and was able to get tight too. I landed a nice albie and torpedoed it back quickly.

Before I could wipe my hands Alan fires dead on the money to some fish right near the bow. The lure skips as it hits the water and an albie took it right out of the air. It was close to the boat and we both got to see the spectacular strike up close and personal. This time the fish didn't disapoint and Alan got to see the big run I had told him about. He said "this sure isn't like catching small bass!" as the fish took 80-100 yards on the first run. Alan quickly got on the fish and soon I tailed number 2 for him.

The wind was starting to build and we had a bit of a ride to get back the the ramp so we called it a day and headed for home.

Final tally 3 albies and a bluefish. All the action was within less than two hours. The whole idea of the trip was not so much to fish, but to learn the area. The fish were icing on the cake. The fish hit the Yo-Zuri swimmer much better than the Yo-Zuri tin. Alan had several near misses on the swimmer while the tin I tossed went unmolested most of the time.

Overall a super way to end the day. We scoped out some great spots for Alan and his boat. He got to see and catch his first light tackle albies, and all in just a few hours. The fish were very willing and Alan's skill made the trip a piece of cake.