View Full Version : South Side Report

10-17-2004, 09:46 AM
The bay may be slow but there are signs of life on the south side with bait stacked in all the harbors and creeks. There are some MONSTER size blues cruising the shore from Doweses to Cotuit and they are just tearing it up at times with some awesome mini blitzes as far inside as the Cotuit town docks!!Bass are here also, more at night but some early afternoon bites when the tide is right have not been uncommon. The wind is smoking sw right now and this usually pushes the fish right on the beach and makes them more aggressive. I will be going this aft to fish the top and drop. No magic wand today as I still have a sore spot on my ear from the last windy outing. Man that hurts when you hit yourself with a clouser on the back of the ear and the hook dangles a little and falls out --124-3 I will be throwing plugs and cut bait and hopefully can find a few of those monster blues and maybe a moma bass under them. Pats will find a way to win today, again... and the sox will find a way to loose tonight and retreat to another offseason of frustration.. Life is short, GO FISH..