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12-08-2004, 08:31 PM
I am planning a trip to St. Thomas in January and could use any advice on flyfishing there. My plan was to use Eric Anderson, apperantly a well respected guide but he is not accepting charters this January. He mentioned the ruins on St. John which I am quite willing to try. He also said wade fishing in St. Thomas just isn't that good. I'll fish for most anything that I can hook on my 8wt or 9wt. I fish saltwater alot in New England but have zero experience with this area. Greatly appreciate any guidance.

12-10-2004, 09:06 PM
I go to STT alot, fishing from shore is generally pretty poor.........Try the beach at Magens Bay early in the AM and Late in the PM...........It's a beautiful and popular beach and gets crowded mid day. ST John is a little better, but still not really good.......There is a guide there named Tom McQuade...........I would try him. If you have time and some $ , you can go to Tortola or Anegada which has the best flats fishing by far. STT has great bluewater fishing for Marlin and the like, but you need a good boat and the day trips don't come cheaply.............

12-12-2004, 07:14 PM
Thanks for the info Wasque. I did a search on this and I think I saw your same advice offered earlier to someone. I really was hoping to find a guide for flyfishing but it appears my options are limited. I'll try to locate Tom as I am very willing to go over to St. John for some better fishing. When I spoke to Eric Anderson, he said I could catch lady fish or palmettas (sp?) at the ruins in St. John. I have caught lady fish in Florida and had lots of fun. I'm not fussy of course if I can get into bones all the better. I'm not even sure what flys to use but I plan on bringing an assortment of deceivers and just started tying some gotchya's. Like I said, I'll try locating Tom McQuade. Does he have a business name or should I just look for a personal phone number?
Thanks again.

12-13-2004, 12:10 AM

Do a search on St. John on this board, and you’ll find some great info on Fishing St. Thomas & St. John… In Jan, it will be a bit tough to catch bones with regularity. The flats are very small, and the bones will only be up during the mid to late stage of the incoming tide. You will have better luck fishing for the small jacks and cero macs along the shoreline. They fight pretty well. There are also some places you may see some Albies and small kings near shore in the early AM and at dusk.

If you have a chance, take Wasque’s advice on Anegada. It’s another world; a bone fishing paradise, by comparison. Expansive flats surround it, and small schools of Bones run right along the shore at high tide. If you are there from mid to high tide, you will definitely get a couple of shots.

Good luck!