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05-19-2005, 08:56 AM
Well I tried to go home and get some rest, but before I could even grab a bite to eat the phone rang. It was our own Sam Riley saying he and Shaun Ruge were headed down from Boston with yaks to get on my fish. It was already 1630 and I knew it would be near dark before the guys got out to the fish by yak. So I told them to call me when they were close and I would re-splash the Riptide and do some evening fishing with them.

In about 30 minutes the phone rang again. It was Sam saying they were at exit 3 and would be here soon (Speed Limits :confused: ) I jumped in the truck and hauled down to Burger King for a nasty burger to get me by before heading out again. We splashed the boat in Bourne and as soon as we could put the hammer down and raced out to the fish.

We found them pretty much where I had left them a few hours earlier. They were a bit smaller and just as picky. Regardless of their finicy behavior we all managed to catch a decent number of fish. Some pods it was near every cast. Other pods we couldn't buy a hit. Strange behavior to say the least.

The bite lasted right till dark so we came home with the nav lights on around 2030. Final tally a decet number of fish for a last minute trip. Most fish were caught on small rubber, but the guys did get the long rod out and pick up a few that was as well.

Overall a good outing. Sam and Shaun are as eager to fish as I am (maybe more (#$119) )I was glad I was able to save them the time and effort to paddle out into the bay looking for fish. Finally by 2200 I got to sleep. If this pace keeps up I'll be exhausted by July.

05-19-2005, 09:13 AM

I was going to join them if it wasn't for my hockey game last night.

But I know I'm heading somewhere to fish tonight!!!!!!

05-19-2005, 09:39 AM
All I can say is just when my thumb was starting to heal from last weekend, I "Stripered" it all over again :D

Thanks again Terry. My IOU list is adding up.

05-19-2005, 09:47 AM

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda........ ;)

If it helps, you were missed --125-3

05-19-2005, 09:03 PM
YOU said "If this pace keeps up I'll be exhausted by July." I hhope this is not true we got a trip coming up so leave some fish for us too. Great job with your postings and your site. Can'twait till June 30th.

Steven --126-3-