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06-05-2005, 08:29 PM
well, this weekend ranks up in my top five weekends ever. My friend john and I managed 42 keeper bass over the last two days, 24 saturday and 18 today, all right around 35-38 inches, with a couple 40 inch fish thrown in for good measure. just unreal.

The north shore is full blown wide open fishing right now, all of theinshore areas I fish from manchester to nahant are holding large bass. The water is anywhere from 54 to 59 degrees and even up to 62 degrees in one area. The waiting is over, these fish are in midseason mode.

due to the awesome weather, we were able to do my personal favorite type of fishing for stripers: macs on balloons in shallow water. Most of the fish we caught were in less than 10 feet of water.The high bright sun did not stop the bass from feeding that shallow. The technique was to simply pull up to a spot, stop, throw out a mac on a 6 foot leader under a balloon, and if the fish were around, they would almost instantly charge the macs. It was an awesome display, some macs actually lept out of the water to try to escape. most of the macs we used for bait were big, a lb or better, but the fish were crashing them on top like mad.

Finding fish so shallow in such bright sunalso allowed us to watch the fish inhale the macs several times. this morning 10 feet off the bow of the boat i watched as a 20 pound striper came up from Behind my mac, inhaled it up to its gill plates, then slowly swim away and sucked in the rest as I watched and set the hook.t It was sight fishing with live baits. just an unbelievable couple of days. largest fish was 26 lb bass i caught, pic below, with about 10 right at or just under 25lbs. The rest all solid 20 pound, 35-37 inch fish.

anyone with some large mac patterns should head out and start throwing. stay inshore on rocky coasts, boulder fields, the usual zones, as the offshore bite was weak this weekend. the bait seems to be less conentrated out there.

Ive attached a few photos, these are some of the better fish, and the 26 pounder, its the first one. I'm in the blue fleece.

get out there, its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

06-05-2005, 09:05 PM
perhaps you are ready for the FLY? (#$119)

06-05-2005, 09:27 PM
perhaps you are ready for the FLY? (#$119)

I may throw a few with soundking this year, but it is tough to put down the spinning gear!

until then, ill at least let you fly guys know what I ve been seeing :)

06-05-2005, 11:17 PM
E- Wish I stayed in tight where you guys were this weekend! Hey and PS...I've seen that spot you pulled the 26 lber from a few times before..glad one of my fly spots produced for ya brother! :brow Now we just gotta get you on one of those pigs with a long rod, and you'll never go back.

Oh ya and PpS: I found some big schools of big pogies tonight...give me a call and let's fish em --127-3-

06-06-2005, 06:14 AM
E-sea-E - Did I see you drifting macks on Ballons in a white SeaPro on Sat. morning??

06-06-2005, 08:40 AM
E-sea-E - Did I see you drifting macks on Ballons in a white SeaPro on Sat. morning??

that was us.

06-06-2005, 08:49 AM
Yeah, I thought so. That was me in the Yellow Sea Pro....Didn't you use to have a 19cc?

06-06-2005, 09:04 AM
that was my buddy's old boat, now he has moved up to the bigger 21 foot cc. My boat went bye bye two years ago. After 8 years of hard fishing it was strating to fade and had some major steering problems, so I sold it to some one who could fix it themselves. I am all thumbs when it comes to fixing boats. It should be replaced this winter. I'm looking for a used 22-26 foot cc, I may start chartering next year, and cant afford a new one that big.

how's your seapro working out for you? I have been very impressed by the two my buddy had. the smaller one was a great boat, but slammed you around a bit in 2-4 foot seas. the new 21 footer is great, even in 3-4 foot seas. A very dry and stable boat, and much less expensive than some simillar boats.

send me a PM with where you saw me and I'll let you know how we did there.

06-06-2005, 02:25 PM
E-SEA-E I'm sure our paths have crossed many times as I've been fishing out of Manchester in a 20' SeaCraft for years. It sounds like we both like to fish with live bait - like you said there's nothing like the chase - I like to bump troll my macks - have not had much luck (#$119) (#$119) (#$119) getting into the macks - have been able to pick up a few out at the Groaner - but nothing like what you must have had in the baitwell - any tips would be appreciated - Hunter

06-06-2005, 03:51 PM

I have only tried to get macs at the groaner this year myself, b/c ive found them there every time. They have been THICK out there for two weeks. Other years, they are also in M'head harbor, salem harbor, salem willows, beverly harbor, and sometimes they never show in close to shore. And even if they are around any given place one day, they can be gone the next.. It is baffling and frustrating to say the least.

I'd like to tell you I known why they do what they do, but I dont. all I know is they stay around, and when the bass and/or blues show up, or the water gets too warm, they leave. I think some years instead of running north, they turn west and head inshore to hide in the harbors mentioned above. In some years past, 97,98. 99, 00, 01, they were in M'head harbor untill late july. The last few years, the have never really shown strong in the harbor, and have only been offshore for a short time. Last year, we only had a week where you could consistantly catch them, and I spent one day livelining them to bass.

If anyone out there can tell me why the macs do what they do to a degree where I can predict when/if they will how inshore, PLEASE post a reply or PM me!!

the trick is have a network of people to call that also catch them so you know where they are likely to be. I know a few charter guys really well, grew up with one, so I get pretty good info that is up to date. Also, getting up early is key: sunday they were chasing bait on the top of the water at the groaner at 6:30- you could drive over to them. we had all the bait we needed (or so we thought) about 25-30 macs, in 20 minutes or so. but at 1:00, after we ran out of bait, it took us an hour and a half to get another 25 or so.

chumming defeinately helps, especially if they are in thick. But in they are thin, I like to troll. For example, sunday afternoon one of the charter guys was out their chumming when we showed up looking for more bait. He had been chumming for a while, and had a few. we trolled for an hour and a half. in that time, he got about 6 more sitting in one area chumming while we trolled around and got 25 or so.

Last year I got alot of questions like this, and posted a "how to" type of post. for what it's worth, here it is below.

good luck. send me a PM with your cell # and I'll be glad to share info with you. BUT, I wont be around this weekend, Im going to key west to go tarpon fishing :) and by next weekend the macs will probably be gone. but I can tell you where to look if you give me a call. heres the post from last year:

last post got some replies with how to type questions, heres my best advice, for what its worth:

catching macs is 1/3 location, 1/3 luck, 1/3 skill, in that order.

first, you have to know where to go. on the north shore, try in front of salem willows, beverly harbor from the jubilee yacht club in, between misery and bakers islands, near halfway rock, tinkers ledge, marblehead harbor, near eghg rock near nahant. It is really a crap shoot because 1 spot is good one day, it may be barren the next. right now, most the macs seem to be offshore, ie, tinkers ledge, 1/2 way rock, or further out, like the 180 line or the dumping grounds. They will move in closer eventually, in fact, we got one in marblehead harbor last weekend. Also, network to find where there at, ask around. If you see people jigging ask if they've had luck. Information is the key to good fishing, especially for macs.

you also need to try different methods, and have a good fishfinder to see the schools. christmas tree rigs are the best, look for ones with little flies, not little tubes. My method:

1. show up, tie on a bouy or mooring or drift, drop a line, jig and hope for the best. if you catch macs, you're all set.

2. same as above but chum, ground herring is my favorite. this is usually the method when they get scarce. if you cant get them with chum, you may be screwed, but,....

3. you've tried the above, with no luck. or you've just started. try tolling and snap jigging: let the line out 30-50 feet, whatever seems to work, let it get tight, jig the rod and let it drop back to tighten up while trolling VERY slowly. this can be very productive b/c you cover water. when you are anchored, the fish must find you, when you troll you come upon the fish. I like to do this first sometimes to gauge if there are any around.

sometimes a little change can work wonders. for example, we were at tinkers ledge sunday, no luck after catching alot there saturday. so, we went to halfway rock. dropped and jigged while drifting for 20 mins, and got nothing. started trolling and BAM! 40 macs is 1/2 hour. If you hit an area with macs while trolling, go back over it again. sometimes its seems like the macs swim in small circles or hang in a small area.

macs can be the best thing ever when you catch them, the worst when you cant, and even worse when you cant and it seems like everyone else can. But most dyas, every one represents a keeper waiting to be caught.

also-,never throw macs back. there is no such thing as bait that is too big. There is bait too big for some fish, but not all fish. In june and sept/oct i like 2 pound macs. you can catch big fish with little macs, but the little fish usually find them first. throw out a two pounder and heres what happens:

little stripers chase the bait, but it's too big. this catches the attention of a huge fish, and he comes and grabs your mac. Seen it happen sooooo many times. Also, keep a rod rigged with a dead mac ready to cast to fish following fish that are hooked. when the hooked fish is about 15-10 feet from the boat, cast the dead mac right at the hooked fish a twitch it a little and let it sink, repeat. Do this even if you see no fish following, they are probably there.

also use the bigger macs first. they die quicker, and if there are big fish in a given area you will not waste bait on small fish.

And when the macs leave,don't overlook small pollack, they work almost as well. And also the small pink perch type fish you may catch now and then if you are chunking, they look like small pink tautog with simillar teeth. i've fuond them out near the outer breakers off marblehead. anyone know what they are called?

good luck

Touching Cloth
06-06-2005, 06:42 PM
those red perch like fish are called Cunner