View Full Version : boston harbor in and out 6/5, 6/6

06-06-2005, 08:40 AM
fished from the graves (no fish) to middle brewster (no fish) early on saturday morning, ran inside to worlds end, had our fill with mid 20 inch fish on olive and white clousers on the top of the outgoing, more action on bumpkin spit, same for sunday- nothing showing outside but fast and furious in the warmer bay water- a buddy on another boat did pull one fish off the graves later in the day but for all intensive purposes the action is inside right now..... water temps outside 51-53, inside 55- 60 as the day warmed up.

great couple of days, would have liked to have found some mac's and cows offshore- maybe this week.......the schoolies continue to do the trick though, they really can pull you good in the colder water.

06-06-2005, 11:27 AM
I was surprised at how few boats were around the haba. I fished the yak inshore just outside the harbor. Action was good early right in the rips, but the bite really tapered as the sun rose. Lots of legal size fish in the mix, but nothing very big. I wonder if the bigger fish are staying with the macks or just ignoring me!

I found the early am (low tide) temps to be pretty low. It was 51 when I started and 49 at low.