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06-09-2005, 05:58 AM
June 8 wade, fly, spin fishing S.E. Cape Cod Update:
We call these the salad days and are the easiest time of the year to be a fishing guide. Normally at days end you are a hero and not a zero. Very few fussy fish. Big resident are not educated and come to the fly, lure well. Tons and tons of super area's to fish.
Today was one for the record books. We were on fish sight fishing from shore from the time our feet touched the water until we left at days end. 99% sight fishing. Saw some 20 lb. residents within casting range, hooked some very nice ones. Sorry, no time to take time for photos as I was very busy calling out fish with little time inbetween. Combination of migratory fish and good sized residents. They all came to the fly pretty good, with a few refusals. Talk about exciting! God, I love my job! Normal bait around. Walked a ways to escape into the solitude, tranquil beauty and peacefulness this S.E. area has to offer.
Hope you all had the chance to get out there and enjoy the day. A guide friend also had a great day of fishing with Blues and Bass in another major migratory route area, a couple of miles away from an entirely different area I was in. My friends clients lost one big bass to a seal that swam in shallow and exploded on there fish. Seal won.
Best Fish's,
June 7
Canceled due to high winds. Boy, a spin rod, plugs and lots of Blue fish around on days like this!
Wednesday looks pretty nice.

June 6 wade, fly, spin fishing Cape Cod Update:
Started out on fire, one after the other in a special spring spot. Then moved to a major migration route and found very very few fish on the move. Hit a few, called it an early day. The difference was night and day from yesterday. Everything seemed to shut down with this batch of crappie weather, front that blew in and got worse. If I had known this I would have stayed inshore where the water is warmer, bait more plentiful and obviously more fish. But......

June 5 wade, fly, spin fishing Cape Cod Update:
Sun, sun and more sun with next to no wind. Heard a rumor some guys did pretty good on some island around here? My guest had to work for our fish, but it was well worth it while we sight fished most of the day all over. Never seemed to wait to long between fish. Mostly Blues we found. Amazing creatures. They ate the orange 6 inch squid real good on the floating line off the 2 handed rod and also some of my "to nice" :) for Blues sand lance patterns. (You all probably know that feeling) Should have tied on some of those rays flies. Noticed some bait around. Noticed some BIG resident bass. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and playing with a few.
June 3 wade, fly, spin fishing Cape Cod Update:
Blues finally starting to show up S.E. cape Ye-haa! Also bigger fish, but a lot of twinkies in-between. Reports are that the migration is starting to get back to a more normal flow. :) Warmer air temp's on the way so things well get but'a!
My guest's today left our fishing options up to me after we discussed at great length what has been going on daily around here in several different locations. They opted to go where the most fish would-be at. We made the right decision, with out taking any risk's. We have actually been doing great by staying inshore. Warm water, bait, current, out of the wind, plenty of fish for the most part. (In one spot, we were getting them on almost every cast. :)
We just have not had that many good sight fishing days. So all in all, my guest's and myself could not be happier.
We worked on tightening our loops up which added to more proficient, less effort casting. We even got the ol double haul down that added 20 feet to our cast's. Personally speaking, knowledge is truly the only thing a professional guide has any real control over. Not knowing how the fishing is going to be at days end, I always want to transfer as much knowledge as humanly possible. So by days end whether we had a terrible slow day of catching, ok day or incredible day of catching. I want all of my guest's to walk away saying, hey I learned something today that will help me be a better angler and will last me the rest of my life.
I hope your all are finding a few to play with also. Best Fish's, Randy