View Full Version : 8/2 Salem/Beverly/Manchester

08-04-2005, 05:44 PM
Got out of kernwood at 11:00 peak tide. water temp 65 and 5-10 knt wind(forgot the direction). Trolled a T&W(using a saltwater frontmount trolling motor for the slow and low combined with some stealth) all day first past the first two beaches in 12-15 ft, nada. Went out to a couple of the Salem Islands and trolled , again nada.

Went just north of Manchester Harbor to Lobster cove, nada. Kept going north and started to get some bites. First bite seemed a snag and as I moved the boat back to get it on the opposite side of the snag in hopes of getting free I tightened and can swear I got a couple of minor head shakes. By now I drifted past were the line went down and when I brought her tight and she popped. Was I halucinating or would a big fish just sit there? I had just started letting line out the back and when I went forward the line got so tight I thought it was a snag. Thing is a lazy huge striper would hit it when it was not moving I know the big fish are lazy so my question to the veterans......do you think I had a lazy cow or I imagined the head shakes? When you drift with a snag the line peels steady, not with a jerk which I got several small ones. What would just sit there with the hook in its mouth?

After that kept north tight to the rock, so tight I had to worry about the waves tossing me in to them. Some stolen worms then a 30 something fish(only ruler was the cooler cover at 24"). It weighed 16.5 lbs and it was about the fattest striper I've ever caught. Trolled a little more and was getting bites but had to go to work on the second shift.

I know a lot of guys post loads of fish, blah blah blah, but it was nice not getting skunked because I just would not give up, kepth the faith.

Gonna do Rockport on th eT&W and then out 2 miles to the ledge of of halibut poin tand troll for blues and might rig a rod for the infamous SBFT's.

Anyone gonna be out Saturaday in the please reply with a channel to hail you on. Shaun....JJ......Eric you guys going out?

08-04-2005, 08:46 PM
Nice. Way to shake the old striped skunk. Many of my days this year bass fishing were david ortiz specials (walk off homers in the 9th). Me and snap master Shaun will be out on Sat, and I'm taking my roomates out on Sun. Seacat is the name.

08-04-2005, 10:46 PM
I've got Shauns cell number. I will be in roccus mode with the tube and worm along the shore early then probably head offshore if the wind is not too bad looking for blues. I am entertaining some friends from work so I am limited with my options but I will ring Shaun up.

Break two legs you guys

.....poor Shaun.......I almost want to say a prayer and I am not a practicing catholic lately but I feel really bad for him. He is young and puts his time in and he deserves to land one. He may bring the harpoon!