View Full Version : 8/22 CC Bay Bass and Blues Report

08-24-2005, 05:05 PM
Once again I have a late report. I'm so backed up with returning call and emails I think I need a secretary :confused:

I had hoped to get Mike B and his buddy Henry out for some SBFT action, but the fishing just wasn't happening so we went for plan B. We launched out of Sandwich and began looking for the schools of fish and flocks of birds Mike C and I had seen yesterday on our tuna recon. The goal was to keep the guys butt deep in blues and bass all day.

The water was FAC and very soon we found birds and finning fish. It was easy to spot them in the glassy water, but it was just as easy for them to spot us. Mike B on the bow had a tough time reaching the fish with the fly due to their VERY skittish behavior. If I killed the motor too far away he was unable to reach the fish. If I ran close enough to cast to them, the disappeared. It was a very frustrating situation.

Henry was tossing spinning gear from the rear of the boat and faired somewhat better since the spinning rod would cast that little bit extra and reach the fish more of the time.

They were able to pick up some blues and bass when the fish stayed up long enough. After several small fish Henry tosses the Yo Zuri out and I see a SLOB take a swipe at it. The fish goes sideways and I tell the guys it looked closer to 4 feet long that 3 feet long. The battle was a good one with the 12# spinning gear rigged for smaller fish, but Henry endured several dogged runs straight to the bottom. When it was all over I found myself lipping a 40" 25# bass at boatside. It was Henry's biggest ever! --127-3-

After dancing around with the skittsh fish we decided to run north to Plymouth. There we found tons of breaking blues outside and tons of breaking bass inside. All of the fish were still quite picky and skitish. The spinning rod was definately the tool of choice, but Mike B hung tough and never put down the fly rod the entire day.

When it was all over the numbers were a bit less than we would have liked underthe circumstances. WE landed a total of around 20 fish between the two guys. The big bass was the anchor of the day at 25# on the boga. It was one of those days when everything seemed right, but the combination of small P bunker and FAC water made things much more difficult than we could have expected.

Final tally, around 20 fish for the day, and even mix of bass and blues. The water was FAC and in the upper 60's. The lure of choice Yo Zuri minnows. The water ranged from 5' to 90'. It was sunny, clear and calm.

Overall a little low on the numbers side of things, but the day could not have been nicer for being out on the boat. WE got some fish, and one really nice one (which was released). As always Mike B is great to have on the boat, although we still miss his good luck charm Donna.