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vineyard fisher
10-04-2005, 12:54 PM
Just got back from four days on the Vineyard fishing for albies. The red-hot action of a couple of weeks ago has slowed considerably. I fished every morning at Edgartown Harbor, and managed four fish over the course of the trip, the largest being 26.5" (not weighed in the Derby). Three of the four fish were caught blind casting at first light, the other by casting into a busting pod. I also lost four or five fish after brief hookups.

There are occasional pods showing on the surface, but they are very small and showing for only a few seconds at a time. Fly guys are having about the same luch as spin casters.

Wasque is still dead, the Gut and Tashmoo are spotty at best, and Menemsha is only seeing an occasional fish.

One possible reason for the slowdown in fishing, and a conversation with Coop confirmed this, is that the peanut bunker have pulled out (except for at Tashmoo where the stripers are still crashing them). So, the bait now is mainly silversides. The question now is whether an expected influx of sand eels will bring the albies back in, or whether it is going to continue to taper off from here.

Anyway, I'm happy to have caught the fish I did, but I've never had to work so hard for them before. Good luck to those still out on the Island or headed that way.