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12-25-2005, 08:30 AM
This is my only day off for the next 11 days. So here is a report from Key West.

Weather was spectacular for the past 2 days. 77 and sunny with no wind. Water temps inshore were 70 and offshore about 72. A front is expected late Sunday and into Monday so fishing should improve.

Bait: From the reef out to 200-300 feet there is bait everywhere. Mostly Cigar Minnows, Pilchards and Glass Minnows. Ballyhoo are hanging around the main reef and any patch reef, and Pinfsih are thick in the grassy shallows.

Offshore: Tuna, Spanish Macks, Cero Macks, King Macks and Bonito are slamming bait everywhere. Yesterday at one point you could look in any direction and see schools of fish hitting the surface and bait spraying in every direction you looked. Sometimes you would look in one direction and see a school 100 yds away...another 300 yds away and a couple more behind that. Then a school would erupt right next to the boat. My charter wanted to run & gun a little and we hooked up a few Blackfin and a 22 pound Bonito on 3/4 oz pink B2 Squids. These are also awesome jigs for Stripers and blues and not expensive. check out www.b2squid.com. Some Wahoo have been trolled up a little further offshore but mostly tons of Kingfish are showing up in the green water. Freejumping Sails are a more common sight but thay have not been turned on to eat. Once the weather changes on Monday I expect to see a run of hungry Sails.

Reef: A little slow during this moon phase and weather. Grouper bite slowed but some nice Yellowtail and Muttons are biting. Look for things to swing back on for Grouper after Mondays front and weather change.

Wreck: Cobia are making a good showing. Chummed up a big school at a shallow Gulf wreck and hooked 3 on fly all over 25 pounds. If you have ever caught a Cobia on the fly (or any light tackle for that matter)then you know what a battle it is. They make a few long & fast runs... then you get them up near the boat and when you think you have them.... they make another long steady slow run that you just can't stop. Once you recover that line it becomes a battle for the last 20 feet of line. They stay just outside of gaff range for what seems like forever. Cobia are great fly rod targets as they chum up easily (and in groups) and hit flies readily at boatside without the need for a long cast.

Capt. Chris Lembo

A nice King caught by John Jack (father in the photo) of Seattle today.

12-26-2005, 06:43 PM
Wow. 22lb bonehead on light tackle might take all afternoon. Any Yellow fins showing up or just black fins?


12-27-2005, 12:33 AM
There are mostly small Blackfin with a few schools of 20+# mixed in. Most of the fish I saw today were Bonito or Ceros. The Blackfin I saw were mostly about 5-10 pounders.

All are very active and skyrocketing.