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02-18-2006, 01:09 PM
I have read most of the fly line posts on this site and haven't come to any conclusion on the use of the Orvis bonefish flyline. I read one post that said that these fly lines do not last long. I fish bonefish probably 3-4 days a year.
So I assume that they would last 2-3 years. My question is, Do they cast equally as well as Rio or SA Mastery. are they stiff or do they coil too easily?

Any thots or first hand information would be greatly appreciated


02-20-2006, 09:20 AM
Hi there. I have used Orvis Wonderline for 3-4 years now. For
the occasional week/2-week trip to the tropics and a burst
of action, they've held up well.

I'm now bonefishing 4-6 days/week, and one 4-year old line is
getting a little coarse: it doesn't feel as slick running through my
fingers, but is still limp/stiff enough to cast well. I think it's time
for me to replace it.

I have occasionally used the wonderline off MVY and ACK in Jul/
Aug with decent success, too. I tried using it one year at the
beginning of the season (schoolies on MVY in April) and the line
had a lot of memory and would coil/tangle readily. Learning that
lesson, I now only use the wonderline in warm-water conditions.

I think I'll replace the wonrderline with an AirFlo, as I've really liked
the airflo intermediate, and am anxious to try their floater.

But overall, I think the Orvis Wonderline for bonefish is fabulous.

Hope this helps,

Uncle 4

02-20-2006, 09:38 AM
I have an Orvis Wonderline I've used bone fishing for several years. I was somewhat satisfied with it, but I was never completely over the top about the line b/c it seemed to have a exceedingly long belly, and it didn't load all that well for me.
Half way through my last trip, I switched over to an AirFlo floater and fell in love with it. It loaded well, and was a joy to cast.

02-20-2006, 12:20 PM
I have used a Orvis Bonefish taper wonderline for 25-30 days intensive fishing (wading) in rough conditions with lots of nasty coral and shells on the shore and bottom and the line has lasted fine, above expectation. It is a stiff line with hard coating, and the memory in moderate or cold conditions is noticeable so it is close to usleless unless used in warm water. The line casts fine and has a relatively long belly. It comes with a braided loop to connect the tippet, something that you should consider replacing.

02-24-2006, 11:01 PM
i have fished most of the lines you can mention for flats,, when i have a new brand line i take it to the most demanding point either on fish or time use,,, this is because i cant afford a line to go wrong when a client has the fish of his life time,,, (not all get to fish as many times we do) ,, most of the brands can't handle the task as they say so... after trying most of them , i finally found the ones to search no more,,, scientific angler and yes !! orvis Wonderline,, this last is the one i preffer,,, i use the scientific orizon colors for when fishing deeper depression and over grass flats,,, when fishing the clean sand flats i then go with the orvis light yellow sand color which blends in pretty good there,,, both are excellent flats line,, giving orvis the prefference for holding up better and longer,,, the line is tricky to cast do to it's longer belly,, but ones you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy it and reduce the fawls cast,, it was built that way to achieve longer shot in less time than others, it's best performance is found at long distance and not at short ones,, this is when it becomes a nightmare,, but how many fish have you caughting at 30 feet away??? less than you have long!!!!,,, the trick for shooting that line they way it was built for is to allways keep the belly out of rod tip and at least 2-3 feet extra,, this comes to 15 to 18 feet off line of your rod tip,, if you happen to have a very good rod and get to load that line when picking it up, you can provide 5 to 8 extra feet on the back, then you'll have 20-25feet of line going to front, thats a lot of line and weight!!!! you then povide extra line infront, 25 feet of line well loaded will want at least 15feet extra, thats 35 heading backwards!!! then 15 extra there, thats a total of 50+,,, AGAIN!! with a god rod and well loaded,, thats a enough line to pull out the rest of the line of the deck which is ussualy 75 to 90 feet,, how long you did it!!! 4 seconds,, and in 4 rod moves,, the only bad thing it comes with, is a braided loop on tip which you consider changing and i highly advise to do so,,, the line handles the task, don't worrie,, i use them in 8 and 10wt's and i have some of them with at least 150 tarpons boated and seem amount of bonefish,, the normally last me 2 years of hardcore fishing,, if you're a part time angler,, the should last you twice that time with proper care and maintance,,, but again,, 1st. things 1st,, if you want to shoot a certain line you must search the rod for it,, PERIOD and also when bying a rod,, you must finde the proper line for it!!!!!!! flyfishing is not that easy, if it was, we would be here typping all this,,

best regards and many tight lines to all on your next outting


02-25-2006, 11:38 AM
Wow, what a great board and great people. Thank all of you for your input.

With living far away from the ocean let alone the tropics, I would hate to visit the caribbean only to find out the fly line I purchased doesn't do the job.

Soooo, I have decided that I will go with Orvis and Scientific Anglers WF 9wt.

Flatslammer, thank you for your exhaustive input. Much appreciated.

Tight lines to all