View Full Version : Marstons Mills river

Bob Parsons
04-15-2006, 09:46 PM
Had a good number of herring going though it today. The locals are trying to do some herring counts but how accurant it will be since when I was there, no one was around counting. For those of you that fish the area that the river empties into, larger fish should not be too far behind.

04-15-2006, 11:31 PM
The Stony Brook run in Brewster was LOADED with fish today. The holding pools were jammed full. I wasn't around for the "good ole days" but I couldn't imagine that any more fish could have fit into those ladders than what was there today. There were a lot of fish taking a wrong turn and getting caught in a dead end pool. But since they are programmed to swim upstream they wouldn't turn back. Why isn't that cordoned off? There were also a hundreds of gulls around just slurping fish down. You would think that after one fish a gull would be full for the day, but they were tossing those things back like sardines. Also went over the Harwich run. The Harwich run is much deeper and harder to see the fish, but there seemed to be a decent amount (not great) and no gulls.