View Full Version : Bob Fish does Boston

05-22-2006, 08:07 PM
Richard and I are sitting around enjoying a few red can sandwiches as we go over the weekend's fishing. The sun finally graced us with her presence and the fish did as well. Boston has some nice fish in the rivers and bays. The fishing was better on Saturday than Sunday when the fleet really pounded them. Still a bit on the windy side but otherwise nice days on the water. Rich and son Justin were out Sunday afternoon livelining some macs and came across a sea creature. Can anyone help us to identify the creature in the photo taken by Justin (age 5)?

Cappy Rich has some availability over the holiday weekend when the fishing should be hot--plan on an early morning trip to avoid the crowds--so let us know if you want to get out.


05-22-2006, 08:27 PM
I went out early Saturday with Richard and it is always amazing how a trip out in the harbor can radically change the perspective of this shore bound angler. I had fished a few times my regular haunts and had picked up a few fish. But it was not until we got out there that I realized how many fish, large fish, were back.

I even made some headway in my quest to be an accomplished salt water fly fisherman. It sort of helps when you're surrounded by fish so a still sort of sloppy cast doesn't mean you can't land a few fish on the fly. :brow

I have to say the Haba is such an amazing fishery and Richard and John are really great guys to fish it with.