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05-26-2006, 04:31 PM
Today I had plans to take Mike C out with his daughter Melissa (Sis) because today is her 15th birthday. Mike and Sis were supposed to meet me at the house around 0430 and we would head out. Well at 0445 Mike comes walking up my stairs to my bedroom, yelling "HEY YOU AWAKE?" The answer was NO! I had the alarm set for 0400, but I was so darn tired after yesterdays trip I forgot to switch the clock to alarm So much for a good start to the day.

I scrambled to get ready, Mike preped the boat and within 15-20 minutes we were finally heading to Falmouth. We splashed the boat without issue and headed into the sound. The run to where we've been jigging was fast and smooth. The skies were overcast but the seas were FAC. I marked the same pod of birds I first stopped at yesterday and I pulled up to let Sis take the curse off the boat. On the first cast she comes tight on the light rod and she quickly lands a 31" fish. Not a bad way to get things moving.


After taking a few more casts we decided to leave these fish to get Sis a bigger fish on the jigs. WE continued to the spot and on the way we hit a wall of fog. We slowed down and I tweeked the radar. As we neared our destination I noticed severasl HUGE clouds of birds on the radar. They were near our destiantion but were in much shallower water. We decided to take a look.

We ran into about 20' of water and out of the fog came 1000's of BIG birds. Then on the FAC water we began to see HUGe boils and big shouldered fish rolling. All we had on the boat was the heavy jigging rods and the new St Croix Avids with 10# rigged for small stuff. So we grabbed the light gear and began casting to the boiling fish. I tied on a Salty's Popper and heaved it with the light rod right into a big boil. I began to work the plug and saw this HUGE head come out of the water behind the lure. The fish missed and I sped up the popper. On the second attempt the fish came at the lure from the side and this time I saw the whole fish and he didn't miss! The line came peeling off the little Penn 360 as the fish tore away into the current. I told Mike it was a good fish and afetr about 10 minutes of working the fish up from the bottom I found out how good. The fish weighed 30.5# on the digital scale! IT had a big fat belly and a ton of sea lice on it. I was PUMPED! That was a hell of a fish on basicly a schoolie rod and it took a popper!


I was even more happy that I had taken back claim to the biggest bass on my boat for the season. It had been a 29#er a sport had pulled up on a jig a week ago. Well just as I told MIke I had the big fish for the boat, he hooks up on the other light rod. This fish took a Storm shad on the drop and it was melting line off Mikes reel. After loosing nearly half the spool I convined Mike to let me go after the fish with the boat. I was able to get on top of the fish for him and let him fight it with less line out. The entire time he fought the fish he kept telling me "I'ts going to be 31#, I'm going to take biggest fish for the boat away from you" I got a glimps at the fish and it looked about 18#. Little did I realize the fish was still REALLY deep. When it came up and rolled Mike said with a smile "See I told you 31#" I still wasn't convinced, but when he got the brute to the boat and I grabbed the lower jaw WITH BOTH HANDS, I knew I was in trouble. The scale told the tale and damn if the fish didn't weight 31.2#!!! He saind he "willed it to be that big"


Sis was thrilled to see her Dad land such an awesome fish on the little gear. She is a great angler and knows what it takes to pull something like that off.


With Dad and I on the board it didn't take Sis long to get in on the act and soon she had a big fish of her own on the light gear.


When this father daughter team gets together watch out! Things are going to happen! Mike is one proud father!


When the bite finally died we headed out to search out more fish for Sis's birthday fish fest! I ran around a bit and found several other big clouds of birds. They were on a TON of fish in the 26-32" range. In 60' of water the sounder showed the bottom 30' to be just PAVED with fish. On nearly every cast we doubled or tripled up. Every few minutes the fish would push to the surface and we would hook up instantly when we cast into the boils.

After several hours of bailing fish we were all spent. Some of us more than others!


So when it was all said and done I headed for home carefully so we wouldn't wake sleeping beauty ;) Final tally, just a TON of fish. We had 2 over 30#, a bunch of stuff in the mid 20#'s and all the 26-32" fish we cared to catch. It was all done in 300 foot visiblitly on FAC water. The water was 20-60' deep and was 54 degrees. The lures of choice, Salty's poppers, Storm shad and Fin S shad on 1/2" Kalins heads. The rods and reels are really worth a mention today because they handled fish they were never made for. The setups were St Croix Avid 7' rods rated 6-12#, with Penn 360 Slammers and 10# Trilene XL and 3' of 20# Seaguar Flouro.

Overall just an insane day of catching quality fish on light gear.Sis had a birthday to remember thats for sure. Keep your eyes out for this girl, she's an IGFA Junior angler and based on todays performance you might be seeing BIG things from her sometime soon :brow

05-26-2006, 04:57 PM
Dam, I'm really starting to hate work more each day. :-% Good job, looks to be the start of a really good season :brow

05-26-2006, 06:29 PM

glad to see the bite and the timing were on your side today. You just made another angler for life. Thank you!


05-26-2006, 06:38 PM
nice!!!! :)

05-26-2006, 06:59 PM
dear terry,
thanks for a great day on the water, it made for a birthday i'll never forget. i love fishing with you and my dad, especially when we're catching "HUGE SLOBS" :) . you guys really make fishing fun. --127-3- --127-3-



05-27-2006, 08:03 AM
Great job again Capt......SiS..Happy Birthday...Terry is the MAN! --127-3-

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05-27-2006, 02:29 PM
The reports and pictures get better by the day! Nice job Riptide.