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06-24-2006, 08:10 PM
Thursday 6/22 we headed down to Boca Grande pass to try for tarpon again.My brother Paul and I had fished there on Tuesday,but this was a different type of fishing.On Tuesday all the boats were drifting the deep channel using weights to get the baits down.From what we could see some were drifting whole ladyfish, others jig heads with green shadlike bodies,or weighted crabs.There were many hookups, and the boats have a pattern of drifting through the pass, then moving back up the outgoing current and starting the drift again.At one point a large tarpon jumped from the water and hit a fisherman right in the back and fell back into the water. Everyone saw it and the cheers erupted.We saw tarpon rolling in the shallows and headed over but they dissappear very quickly. We noticed a large shadow on the flats,so we moved in for a closer look. The water was crystal clear and one could not mistake the shape of a Large hammerhead shark.We followed it for a while but it would avoid us everytime we tried to get ahead of it, while trolling a whole ladyfish.What were we thinking!
Thursdays fishing style was different.The tarpon were up on the shallow area on the north side of the outer side of the pass.The outgoing current rips thru the pass and the drift is fast.We are new to this so watching the action and fishing style is a learning experience. Crabs are dislodged and are dragged out in the current.We scooped them up with a bait net, like everyone else,and hook them on for bait.We did not use weights, from what we observed from the other boats, they were floating them in the current. Boats all around us were hooking up.These fish are enormous!Tremendous fights and jumps,it is spellbinding watching these powerful fish leaping in the air, tail walking across the water! A huge tarpon came to the surface right behind the transom then 3 more.The excitement is just like seeing SBFT breaking the surface! The boats get so close together at times you can almost touch the other boats, but when someone hooksup they move away to watch the show.
We kept trying but didn't hookup. We learned a great deal and watched the best fishing show bar none.I cannot wait to get back there again..
If anyone knows any tips and techniques on how these guys are fishing for these tarpon please explain, because there is a definite method to this madness.Thanks
This is an addiction like SBFT. Now I am a Tuna Tarpon Junkie! :-%

06-25-2006, 07:27 PM
I know man. I know. --127-3- --127-3- There is nothing better than tarpon fishing. I fished the pass for the first time this past May and will be back every year from here on out. In fact, the tarpon that I caught was in part one of the reasons for Bucky's world record hammerhead catch. I caught a tarpon around 150#'s. My captain was leadering the fish while a bull shark came right up to the boat and bit my tarpon :eek: . My tarpon came loose and all of a sudden four more bull sharks came up along with the largest fin we had ever seen. My friends were out with Captain Kenny ??? who was watching this with us and calls Bucky on the phone and says his shark is here. Bucky comes over, finds the fish, hooks a huge stingray and throws it into the water. The rest is history. This was the greatest fishing experience of my life. What an amazing place.

06-25-2006, 07:38 PM
Nice!!! I hope to get there next year --127-3-