View Full Version : Pizcat/Coastal NH 06/22,23,25

06-26-2006, 07:03 AM
Dad (AKA Tough Tom) is up from TN for a couple of weeks, he and I fished in the mouth of the Pisqataqua, the base of the Cocheco dam and off the rocks of Rye the 22nd, 23rd and 25th.

All days pretty much in the rain

Fish up to 26" at the base of the dam, not enough room for a back cast with the fly rod so caught them all on 1/4 and 3/8 jig heads and 7" white or sparkle fin S fish. Still a LOT OF HERRING up at the dams, seems like a few are starting to fall back and the gulls are picking them up at the ship yard basin, BUT NO FISH to speak of there?

Fish up to 25" on a 5" Mega Mushy and on Salt/pepper 5" Fin S fish flipped up into the rocks between Rye and little harbor on 1/4 oz. Jig heads.

Quite a few schoolies in some UDLs around the mouth of the river all on 5' white Fin S fish and Olive/white deceivers.

Seems like mid April in the river.

Dad and I have a trip booked with Rip Tide in Sept, he's been reading the reports and is ALL SPUN UP for some SBFT action. CANT FREAKIN WAIT.