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06-29-2006, 05:03 PM
I just rigged all of my rods for tomorrow's tuna trip, and have completed more bimini twists in gel spun than ever before in my life. Here is the question. Do any of you guys reccommend ZapaGap on the bimini?

06-30-2006, 07:36 AM
Take a look at this months Sport Fishing... They are claiming a 12 turn is the best. I used to tie 25 to 30, it is quite interesting that the knot gets weaker with more turns.
I just retied all mine last night. We'll see.

06-30-2006, 08:15 AM
spider hitch is twice as fast and perfectly fin for small tuna

06-30-2006, 09:26 AM
I wouldn't zap the knot, it attacks some materials and my make your bimini weaker....

06-30-2006, 09:49 AM
First- If your bimini has less than 45 turns it will slip. Zap a gap will not attack gel spun poly braid. However it does not flex and when you flex around the glue you will break strands of the gel spun so be careful where you put the glue and the knot.

The only way to make any knot in gel spun 100% is with the use of glue. It ceases to "be" a bimini after you do that though. The "stretch" in the gel spun is so low that if you do not attach your leader or lure to it with precision you will only load up one side.

A spider hitch (what I used for TArpon in April) tests at 45% break strength in GSP. If you can live with that it is a fine knot. GSP does not do well in a tight radius knot. Again, if you add a drop of thin CA glue it will make it 100%. But the glue will make a uni knot loop 100% as well.

The best termination for GSP as backing is to make a loop by stuffing the gsp in braided mono and using a drop of CA glue......http://www.myfishingpictures.com/img/101424.jpg

06-30-2006, 10:51 AM
I do 30 twists when tying a bimini on spectra...only 12-13 on mono. I also double the usual 5-6 on the bottom half of the knot with spectra to finish it off.

I have put them to the test in Costa Rica and never had one fail...even when fishing 30# spectra on 100# or bigger sailfish, or inshore on roosters/snapper.

Here's a question for those out there. I always attach a swivel to the bimini, then attach the leader from there on spinning reels. (Conventional/bait casters I tie directly to the loop). My thinking is this will eliminate line twist...which as you know can get ugly with braid. Do others use a swivel or just attach the leader directly to the bimini?

06-30-2006, 01:07 PM
I always use a simple Palomar to attach braid to a swivel. This is super quick and easy in the heat of battle, and helps with twist. You can then use your favorite mono knot with the leader. For a lure that likes a loop knot I use a Uni that's not cinched to the lure.

I don't use the spider hitch with braid, ever. I have tested it with a scale and it never gave me over 30lbs with 50 lb braid, no matter how many loops were made around the thumb.

A buddy of mine finds a swivel distasteful and always ties the albright to join braid and floro. He doesn't use glue and once battled an oversized tuna on spinning gear for almost two hours until the hook pulled. The albright held the whole time.

06-30-2006, 01:57 PM
They outa make a bimini twist tool.