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07-02-2006, 10:33 AM
well, we left the dock at danversport at 4:00am, with the following plan: Quick check for tuna in the southern edge of stellwagen, then, off to chatham. lured by the tales of multiple hook up trolling bites and fish on top everywhere offshore, we were willing to make the 150 mile round trip.

big mistake.

First, we get to the southern edge of stellwagen, to find, again, everything that eats sandeels except tuna. We were tempted to really hang around and see whay happened, as it looked like the bait and birds were extending into CC Bay. but, lured by the siren song of chatham, we pressed onward to chatham.

Looking, back, it was a mistake. Trolling is OK, but for me, the excitment of cruising for and finding tuna on top is where its at. We were sure we'd get a shot at both on nthe way nto and once we got to chatham.

also, I sometimes "just get a feeling". you know, that little voice in your head that says, do this, or stay here. Saturday that litle voice was saying check out CC bay, very loudly. But, again, lured by the siren song, we headed to chatham.

I knew something was wrong once we rounded the cape and found....nothing. miles of dead water, no birds, no fish, nothing. That voice was shouting GO BACK GO BACK but i ignored it, thinking all would be well once we goit to chatham.

We got to chatham having seen not a single fish on top. very different than the reports I had gotten from the previous few days. we soon found crab ledge, and started trolling. 2 hours later, not even a knockdown. the fleet that had been there started to break up, and I figured they were having the same results we were.so, we headed to another area about 15 miles offshore, again with the same results after an hour or so. The radio chatter was not encouraging either, seemed like no one was hooking up.

Then things got real bad. the sw wind kicked up to 20-25 easy, biulding seas that were solid 3-4 footers. Decision time: Do we stay and take the chance that the wind gets worse and keep trolling, or do we start the 80 mile ride back to beverly. we decide to head home. But, driving north or northwest in a s/w wind driving 3 foot waves sucks, and it took us 1 hour just to get back to province town.

once got around the corner, we headed back to the southern edge of the bank and again found everything that eats sandeels except tuna. Then the wind just died, and gave us an option: Go into CC bay for a last shot, or go north up stellwagen for a last shot in the general direction home.

That voice again, CC bay, CC bay, but no, we headed north. ran the entire eastern edge of stellwagen and saw...nothing. A few sandeels on the n/w corner, but nothing else.

after logging over 200 miles and burning almost 100 gallons of gas, the big busteroo was hanging on us like a heavy wieght. --124-3

So, I have to know: did anyone find or hook up with tuna on top in CCbay saturday? Please let me know, pm me if you like.

07-02-2006, 11:14 AM
we headed to crab ledge at 5:00 on 7/1 from pleasant bay. we had the same observation-nothing. no birds, no breaking tuna-nada. after 4 hours and 80 miles we headed to polock strip where we found a few birds working on bass, but not much. headed to the tip of monomoy where there was non stop action on large bass for a few hours in crowded conditions. at one point i counted 31 boats within 1/2 mile of us.

sage fly guy
07-02-2006, 01:18 PM
East of Chatham all day Saturday, nothing but rotten giant bluefish.

Headed in around 2, what do we find in 170' of water off Nauset, Tuna. thye were up for a minute, I got a single cast into them, hoping to give the new Stella a workout, no hook-up then they were gone.


07-02-2006, 01:20 PM
We did not go on a tuna trip but had a rod rigged just in case. Launched from Green Harbor at 0530 and crossed the bay with pretty calm seas. No signs of Charlie. Once on the other side the waves were already 1 to 2ft. We were looking for bass but only found blues. Head nort of Peaked Hill Bar but south of the 3 miles lines. Same, tons of blues and a fantastic whale show that was worse the trip. Did not see Charlie there neither. We did see some bass boated by trollers and small center console boat had a triple hook-up of bass at one point but that was it. The wind picked up and the seas had white caps everywhere. By 1:00pm we decided to head back to Green Harbor at 15 to 20Mph to avoid the pounding. OK day overall. The day became GREAT when France overcame Brazil in the quarter final of the World Cup. :) My two teams France and Italy are now in the quarter finals. :) :)

Surf Toss
07-03-2006, 09:22 AM

Left Barnstable at 6:00 AM and went north to the top of CCB, splitting P-Town and Plymouth, nada...not a single sign of live. Headed further north to SW corner, nothing. Surprised based off of things we had been hearing the previous few days. At 7:30 we were still the only ones looking for life at the top of the bay...we were past by several boats that appeared to be heading around P-Town toward Chatham. And we heard voices....CHATHAM, CHATHAM, go to CHATHAM.

We opted for gigantic BLUES off Billingsgate. Sweet!

By 2P.M. it was blowing pretty good in the bay.


07-04-2006, 08:33 AM
Went out Saturday off of Chatham and saw absolutely no life. No whales, few birds and not a single tuna.