View Full Version : Ccb 07-11

07-11-2006, 08:42 PM
Launched from Plymouth around 0500 to a beautiful looking day. Covered the east side of the bay while a friend ran the west. After three or four hours all we were seeing were more and more whitecaps. Decided to head farther north and east and a small school popped up right in front of us. They never came back up and weren't there long enough to give us a shot. As the morning dragged on we decided to head back toward the ramp in the event the weather kicked up. About halfway home we saw two more small tuna and a pretty impressive whale show. Our friends saw a few fish but failed to hook up either. We were only geared for casting to fish but they put out a spread as well. No love for anyone. Disappointing not to get a shot but still a nice day.