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Frankie G
07-19-2006, 06:34 PM
I headed back to CCB today for some surface tuna action accompanied by my buddy Wayyne who fishes with me alot. We were not able to get off the dock until about 10 am, so I figured our chances were limited. We headed down to the middle off CCB which took us about an hour and 40 mins. in steady and somewhat choppy NE breeze. I hate fishing in anything with an E on it, especially from the north, not so much from the south. I figured we'd head as far south as time would permit. Had to be back on the dock by 430pm. SAW NOTHING. Cruised down between 5 and 10 miles offshore the whole way. Frankly, I guess I am not too surprised, but there was a part of me who thought that maybe this cold front that pushed through would somehow take the lockjaw out of the fish. I was within 6 miles of where I fished with Offshore Angler on sunday (and saw hundreds of fish), and there was nada. I was marking some bait sporadically, and some fish down in about 70-100 ft of water. I was fishing in 150' ft. water. Since it was clear that surface action was near impossible, I set out 2 daisy chains, one with bird, and a nice light green squid bar. I ran through a temp. break that went from 66-70 degrees in a matter of 300 yards, so I decided to stay on the break and we trolled for the next few hours between 3.5 and 4 knots. Saw nothing, birds we saw looked confused..no diving, no working. No whales. Marked little bait. I was afraid of what last night's storm might do to the fishing, but today was my one day pass OTW for my week of vacation. We covered about 80 miles of territory and burned about 50 gallons of fuel. It may still be a little early to be getting out there for these guys, but I have the bug bad. I know said I would not come home without one, but today was not my day...figure today is a day in the bank for the future. Gotta put your time in is what I keep telling myself. Forced it a bit today with the timing and the breeze, but that's fishing. I'm not done yet. Like Arnold said, "Ill be back."

07-19-2006, 07:54 PM
Got your email...thought you meant Thursday when you said "Tomorrow"(#$119) Sorry.... Ya, today stunk! I had the same figures as you: results, gas used... I am giving it a try tomorrow for a short time. Looks like we are all pinned in the Bay for the weekend due to weather. Ought to be crowded.

Frankie G
07-19-2006, 08:22 PM
Yep. Conditions su@ked. LR forecast doesn't call for SW for awhile. I'll likely take a break until next weekend and see what weather pattern arises. I wanted to go out yesterday in the heat as I knew that if they were there, they would show easily, but I was family guy yesterday. I knew that front pushing through wouldn't help, but Not eating is Not eating, They must be hungry though. :brow