View Full Version : 2 Open Spots on Boat in RI for Sat 8/5

08-03-2006, 08:14 PM
Looking for 2 guys to split expenses to go near offshore for tuna on saturday. we're probably talking about the dump/fingers depending on last minute intel and sst.

About the Boat: 1987 27' Tiara. It is docked in Greenwich Bay in Warwick RI. The mudhole is about 40 stat miles each way, dump about 65. Boat cruises at about 25mph±. expect fuel useage to be slightly better than 1mpg when you factor in trolling.

About the Cost: Take the fuel flow meter and divide by the # of guys (4), multiplied by that day's price at the marina pump + I'll ask you to bring some ice. I know this seems obvious, but want to state it plainly and definitely do not want anyone that's going to complain about the price of gas. I am not looking to make any money on you, but I can't afford to pay your share either. Depending on seas, where we run to, etc, gas could be $125+/each. A conservative estimate is 1mpg*$4/gallon=$1 per mile/each.

tackle: decent, not great, (4) 50's & (3) 9500's + misc rods & reels. decent trolling assortment, but could always use more.

About you: I will obviously give first dibs to more experienced guys w/more tackle. I am capable of running the boat and finding fish, but I am no expert, so do not expect to learn what you're doing by watching me (that's why there are professional guides available for hire). we're out there to catch fish but also have a good time. i don't need anyone that's too high strung. i work all week, don't need to work saturdays too. saturday is supposed to be pretty flat and a beautiful day.

I'm a little hesitant about this, but I can't wait to get out there and i'm sick and tired of my friends cancelling, looking for a couple guys as excited about getting out there as i am.
If this sounds like a fit to you, send me a pm or respond here and we'll see what happens.