View Full Version : This short story has legs, apparently

08-05-2006, 01:03 AM
5 years ago one of the 44 short stories I wrote during my 4 years tenure as McKenzie Flyfishers (Eugene, OR) newsletter editor was chosen to be in the anthology Fishing the Northwest (Oregon State University Press). 6 months later I was contacted by the publishers of the quarterly Flyfishing the Northwest if they could republish it, which they did. That was, I thought, the end of it.
But last month I was contacted by the publishers of Flyfishing the Northeast (quarterly) asking if they could re-publish it in the upcoming September issue. So the interest in this story is apparently not dead, which I take as the ultimate compliment. Even Matt, now a Phd biochemist and 32 years old is thrilled.

Since the story has been on my website all along, you can read it there. The basic story is how you to teach a 10 year old a life lesson through flyfishing......and survive. Among the 43 other stories.