View Full Version : Holdover trout

09-03-2006, 02:43 PM
Funny experience yesterday makes me think that many of the rivers in the area may have holdovers from the spring. There is a little creek around the corner from my house, ankle deep 5-8 feet accross, thick brush along the banks. It drains a local pond that recieves a trout stocking in April for a fishing derby and drains into the Charles where they also stock in the spring. A few locals report catching trout for the 2 weeks after stocking but after that it is a pure panfish creek if that. Was out for a run and stopped to stretch by the creek when i suddenly heard a splash. At first I thought must have been a frog, when suddenly I see a fish clear the water and splash again. I assumed it was a small bass or panfish but then got curious and returned with my spinning rod and a small rapala. I made one cast and hooked up with a beautiful 8 inch brookie :eek: ! A second cast brought in a 9 inch fish. After that could not bring anything up but I could see fish rising out of casting range. Wish I had my camera but may try again tomorrow to get a quick pic. I suspect the high water and relatively mild summer allowed these fish to make it. If trout can survive the summer in this little creek they should be plenty in the big rivers such as the Miller's and Quinnie for the fall.