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09-03-2006, 06:41 PM
Launched the boat at 6:00am on Friday, Sept. 1st and ran out to the supersecret Marine Sanctuary that 1,000+ other boats know about. Had our 5 rod spread in the water by about 7:15am.

At 7:45am, one of the Penn Int'l 50s running a 36" wide squid bar with 13" pink squid started screaming out line. About 10 minutes later we had a 42", 50lb BFT gaffed and in the boat. It was bled and iced down in the Tuna bag 30 minutes later. This was my first time bleeding a tuna so it took us a little while to read the instructions and follow them carefully. --127-3-

At 9:45am we boated and snapped some pictures of a 41" BFT and released it. This was my buddy John's first BFT and he was pretty pumped up about it. To be honest, we were both pretty damn excited all day :)

At 11:45am we landed a fat 43" BFT that must have weighed 60 pounds. We snapped a picture or two and he also swam away unharmed.

Best day of fishing in my life and I hope to repeat it. The 25+ pounds of fresh Tuna steaks sure has helped me through this rainy long weekend with 8+ ft. seas due to the hurricane coming up the east coast. I may get out a couple more times this Sept., but if I don't, what a great memory to carry me through the winter.

We got a few really nice pictures, I think (attached)

Thanks to all the RTs who have posted advice and reports here which have helped me to go 4 for 4 in the past two weeks with 41-43" BFT.

09-03-2006, 08:06 PM
Great post! Congrats on the fresh tuna.
Hoping things pickup once the weather settles down.

09-03-2006, 09:02 PM
Nice fish I'm jealous of you Cape guys. How's the E-Tech working out for you and how long have you had it on the boat?

Uncle Matt
09-04-2006, 12:29 AM
Good for you guys. Exciting isn't it? I wish you many more in the future.

Tuna Hunter
09-04-2006, 08:43 PM
Awesome Kevin !! Great job. Glad to hear the tuna have cooperated for you.
Make the time to get back out there ! We've got at least 6 weeks to go. (even longer for Bass)
Congrats Again,

09-04-2006, 09:13 PM
Nice fish I'm jealous of you Cape guys. How's the E-Tech working out for you and how long have you had it on the boat?

The E-Tec is a 2006 model that was installed last September. I put one day of trolling on it late last September and have done a lot of trolling this summer. I just had it in for a software update and a free set of new spark plugs. It has 123 hours on it and the plugs were definitely shot. The software update is supposed to lower the voltage sent to the plugs at idle and low RPMs to get up to 300 hours out of a set of plugs. I also had the Racor fuel/water separator in the boat changed and the spin on fuel filter on the motor changed. I don't want to take any chances with the ethanol switchover. There wasn't a drop of water in either filter however.

The motor is really quiet and has been amazing on gas. It ran perfectly up until last weekend when the plugs were on their way out. If it continues to run as well as it has this season and delivers the power it has, I'll be very satisfied. It starts and runs great and pushes my 23ft Walk Around with a hardtop to 50mph.

I may need to spend $60 per season on a set of plugs, but I can live with that - especially given the hours of trolling that I do. I'll check www.sparkplugs.com to see if they carry the platinum plugs BRP requires. If they do, that will make it $30 per season for a new set of plugs.


09-04-2006, 10:15 PM
Glad to hear about the Tuna and the E-Tec. I have twin 225hp year 2000 fichts that are running fine - at this time - and am looking forward to 2 new 250HP units for my 28 foot center console. My plugs now are good for around 125 hours also and 12 of them ain't cheep. Besides it's the pain in the ass factor.
Do I understand correctly that platnum lasts twice as long and cost around the same price? (that would be excellant!)

09-05-2006, 08:14 AM
way to go kevin, I was there myself on Friday, we had similar results amongst the fleet!

09-05-2006, 12:13 PM

Good catch. Nice pics. The steaks always taste better after a day like that. BTW, you are too criptic on the location. :)