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El Bishop
09-05-2006, 10:09 AM
Headed out to the Niss yesterday without any research as to conditions -- getting ancy for some trout in advance of a trip to Patagonia in a few months. Loaded up the car, dog, girlfriend but forgot my fly boxes, whcih were all sitting on my tying table. Didn't realize until we drove the hour+ to the river. Found one #16 quill gordon stuck in my vest and gf found a huge white deceiver from a recent trip in the harbor. Armed with those two flies and a three weight and not feeling very dangerous, we decided to make it more of a nature hike with teh dog and just see what we see rather than go back for the flies. Needless to say all that was caught was an adventerous minnow that like the look of the dry fly a few months later than any trout. Casting a big deceiver on a three wt was pretty fun. The sun had come out by the time we left and I think the dog had a blast so all was not lost. I thought the time I forgot sox and shredded teh heels of my feet on teh lining inside my wader booties was annoying but forgetting flies is pretty bad.

Anyone had any luck out there lately?