View Full Version : South Shore RI weekend report 10/15/06

10-18-2006, 09:14 AM
I fished via kayak on Saturday morning and Monday morning. Both trips I was on the water about an hour before sunrise and fished until about 9-10:00 AM. Fishing was good to excellent. Fish ranged from 15" to 35". The biggest fish were caught on black sluggos with jig head around false dawn. The area I fished had both sand and rocky areas. I kept two bass over the weekend to eat and share with the guy I was fishing with. I haven't kept a bass since last fall and I forgot how good they taste. So much better than anything you buy in the store.

Anyway, the 35" bass had three crabs in his belly, ranging in size from a half dollar to about 3" across. This fish was caught along the rocks. The 30" fish had bones from a baitfish about 5" long. Based on the bones I'm guessing anchovie but I have no idea. It also had a tiny flounder in his belly, size of a nickel. This despite all the bait fish in the area. Thought it was kind of interesting.

Lots of fish busting once the sun came up, feeding on small bait fish. These fish ranged from 15" to mid 20"s. I didn't try for bigger fish below as I was having fun with a floating line on top. Fished with several flys and they all worked, but best by far was a clouser. Once it reached about 9:00 things started to slow down. However, fish could still be caught with some work and observation. I was watching a guy fish from shore bombing out his plug when fish were periodically busting among the rocks near his feet. He wasn't paying attention and I don't think he caught any fish. I also think the baitfish were small based on what worked and the terns.

We used white sluggos as well and they worked great as usual. 4-6" long with jig heads.

Several boats joined the action along with several people from shore and everyone behaved themselves and had fun. I saw several fly guys from shore catching bass. I was in a blue kayak on both days and my friend was in a red one on Monday if that was any Reeltimers.

10-18-2006, 11:02 AM
Sounds like a great time; thanks for the report. The Bay still has a ton of bait and blues. Time to fish "early (or late, or any time in between) and often". I'm already experiencing bouts of panic and sweats over thoughts of season's end....