View Full Version : Moodus Resevoir

02-04-2007, 03:29 PM
Fished moodus resevoir with my Dad and Aunt today. I get there at about 6:15 and am set up by 6:30. My dad gets there at 6:30. We have 8 or 9 flags by 9:00, and land 3 bass and 3 pickerel. My Aunt showed up at 10:30, and we caught 1 pickerel after that. That fish was weird, after I unhooked it she wanted to take a picture of me with it, so we do, and then it jumps out of my hands, at which point I noticed it had a leader coming out of it's mouth, so I though it picked up the hook from the ice. It had the hook deep, so I cut the leader and let it go, only to realize that it hadn't been the leader from that tip up, but that (so I thought) someone had just left 12" or so of leader hanging from the fish. The fish had hit while we were picking up, so when I go over to the next tip up, that tip-up had a broken leader. The fish had taken the bait, the line wrapped around the spool shaft, the leader broke, and then it went and took the next closest bait. I guess it was hungry.