View Full Version : Islamorada Backcountry/Flats Report

03-17-2007, 08:05 AM
Greetings from the Florida Keys. I had to cancel because of the wind this morning so I figured I would write a report of the last couple of weeks. The fishing has been up and down, partly due to the weather and the fact that we had to deal with a half moon tide. I know I've said this before but I can't stress enough the importance of the tides with fishing success. Weaker tides mean weaker current and generally a slower bite, regardless of the species. Unfortunately, it's something that is simply out of my control as a guide but for travelling anglers it is something they can control by booking days around the new and full moons if they can. Not that this any kind of guarantee of fishing success but it sure helps. Anyways, onto the fishing. The permit and bonefishing has been up and down. A little cold front following my last report messed the permit and bonefishing up for a few days. While we found a few fish, it was really spotty and we couldn't feed any. The one good shot on a tailing permit put the fly on his tail and generally they don't like that... The weather warmed back up and the fish showed stronger but we just couldn't make it happen. Back in the Everglades, trout, ladyfish and jacks have been off the hook. Some nice ladyfish and mullet muds have been loaded with fish and sometimes the action has been non-stop. Sure, it's not challenging fishing but it's pure fun. We've gotten some big trout for the Keys- 3-4 lbs. that are great on a fly rod. We've also gotten into some monster ladyfish 4-5 lbs. that have been smoking drags. More and more redfish have been around tailing. It still amazes me how little water those fish will feed in. I know they're skinny when I can't get to them in my boat! Most of these fish have been a solid 6-8 lbs. When I'm not fishing in wet grass, flats edges and potholes have been productive for redfish as well as snook. Starting to see more tarpon out back, especially on the calm days. These fish have ranged from little juveniles to monsters. I'll usually start fishing for laid up fish in earnest when April rolls around. Laid up tarpon are amazing to find. When you find a bunch of 100 pound fish on a flat calm morning with the tips of their tails poking out of the water, just sitting there, it's hard not to lose it. Until next time. -Pete