View Full Version : Upper Buzzaards Bay 2/29

Tide Hunter
04-30-2007, 05:49 AM
OOPS...TYPO IT'S 4/29 My son and I took the boat for a little shakedown yesterday afternoon. New electronics work great. (garmin 498) After monkeying around with the gps and sounder settings for a while we, headed out into upper Buzzards Bay to do some recon and perhaps some "Toggin". While we were running a bit south of the canal entrance, I was happily surprised to find that, even at top speed the sounder was able to pick up bait pods and fish. I pulled up and we turned and followed the bread crumb trail back to where we marked the fish/bait. We cast into the area and were rewarded with the first fish of the year! (all caught by my son who is now razzing me to no end). These were small, bright fish with lice. I was amazed at the amount of bait we where marking. In a week or two this area is going to be a sure thing. We hit a few tog spots with no luck and then headed back in. Back near the ramp I was again amazed to find a huge school of adult pogies. This is a great sign of things to come. Water temp was 53.