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07-25-2007, 04:21 PM
Im simply posting this because Im starting to hear a number of anglers disscuss here and other places why they are seeing or catching less fish?
Not in my case. :) I guess Im just lucky. :)

For myself personally and professionally as a full-time wade guide here on Cape Cod, I am finding the same numbers of fish now as I did 10 years ago, where I fish. I obviously have an unfair advantage as Im out there pounding the sand almost daily. This is ALSO in area's that have (in some cases) seen some decrease in colder water and current. But, after adapting to some changes last year, all is good and its the same-ol same-hole.
Just my take on your observations.
Today I found the normal number of flats fish while sightfishing the flats with fly anglers today as I did 10 years ago. And this was on a dropping tide which is the more difficult of the two tides normally. We found fish here and there all day, after covering approx. 1 mile of flats. (Most were 10 to 20 pound bass. Then found 75 of so, 15-20 pound Bass (with schoolies and Blues) all holding in one spot feeding heavily that you could see and cast at for an hour straight in the raging current and longer if you wanted. Then more in another location. We probably had 90% fish in the healthy 10 to 20 pound range all day to cast at on the flats today.
P.S. I am NOT saying this because this is how I make my living. Ive worked to long and hard to build up credibility to throw it all away by lying to any of you.
Best Fish's,
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07-25-2007, 04:30 PM
Fishing is all about adapting, thats why we all have more flys and lures than we will ever need. Spots change almost daily. Just keep your line wet and you will catch fish.
If you are a weekend fisher you will catch less than the daily fisherman, more time on the water you see patterns, read water better and have better over all skills.
I don't doubt you are seeing more fish than some others, good fishing and hope your haveing a blast. later cd