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08-11-2007, 05:56 AM
Today I had Tim and Peil out with me looking for tuna. We slayed on our last bass charter and were hoping to do the same to Charlie. We splashed at Ryders around 0700 and headed out. The forecast was for HORRIBLE weather with high winds and big seas. As we cleared the cut we found no wind and FAC water.

We ran out towards our destination and about 10 miles short of the numbers we found lots of life. I almost kept going since I knew that our destination would hold fish, but with the forecast still in the back of my mind saving 20 miles of running seemed like a solid idea. So I decided to go lines in for 30 minutes to prospect the area.

We made it a whopping 5 minutes before not one but TWO rods went off with screaming drags. The guys helped me clear the rest of the spread before settling in for the double. In short order the first fish came to gaff and went on ice (around 45#). The second fish was a bit larger and took a bit longer to land but eventually it too saw the gaff, but his fate was the lip gaff and a release.

Not a bad start 15 minutes and we were 2 for 2. As the morning pushed on we continued a slow steady pick of fish. We had fish up in the rigs swinging and missing and slashing away about every 20-30 minutes. The whale show had the guys pretty excited and as the day pressed on the whales became more numerous and the show got better and better.

By 1400 we were 5 for 6 and the whale show was in full swing. We had dozens of whales of all sizes and flavors leaping and breaching and feeding like mad. Then right in the middle of all the life we hooked up again. This fish put Tim up against the gunnel for quite some time. When he got the fish close I tried to leader it only to have it make a sweet run that had me dumping the leader and Tim back in the game for another few minutes. THe second attempt went a bit smoother and I was able to leader, lip gaff and release a porker around 52". Like the rest of the tuna he was feeding on the clouds of 4-5" sandeels that filled the water colum.

AS we released number 6 the NOAA folks prediction of rain came true. We pulled the rigs as did our buddy boat and we hauled butt for port. THe big wind and waves never showed up. We ran fast and flat back to the ramp.

Final tally for the day 6 tuna landed out of 7 hooked up (one pulled the hook on the initial run) We had another 8-10 fish up tearing through the rigs that just never got hooked up. The lure of choice today was my home made Offshore INovations Green Monsta Bars set in the long and short rigger positions. One fish ate the rainbow bird GM combo on the way back. The skies were overcast and cloudy all day and while it threatened it never produced the nasty weather forecasted. A little rain was not enough to dampen the guys spirits after a day like this. The water was 175-210' deep and 64-66 degrees.

Overall a great day OTW with the guys. They always come ready to fish hard and we always seem to find a way to put fish in the boat. A nice short run, flat water and hungry fish....... It doesnt get any better than that!

08-11-2007, 06:54 AM
Nice report Terry! Congrats on a good day!! always nice to hear of good action!!! here's to more like that!


08-11-2007, 01:41 PM

Question: Is the renown trolling area would the butterfly jigs work?