View Full Version : Cape Ponds Rpt. Fall-07-to-date

11-01-2007, 08:15 AM
Pond fishing has steadily improved this fall since Columbus day. Early on I was concerned since the water levels were so low and some usually very clean ponds were dirty and not producing. However, I've hit some ponds with less houses on them of late and they are well and thriving. I've got some nice holdovers but nothing over 2.5lbs. Also, weirdly I have yet to bring up a Brookie or Brown, it's been all rainbows. Perhaps it's because I've been focusing more on the deeper ledges of the pond as the fish, at least as of last weekend, haven't really moved into the shallows to spawn yet...We're probably 2-3weeks behind this year. So either it's going to be a short season or there could be some great fishing up until at least Thanksgiving.