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11-02-2007, 03:08 PM
I am moving to Miami in a month, and am looking for some ideas for shore access for fly fishing, tarpon,spanish macs, bonefish, jacks, etc. I'm not expecting anyones secret spots, just some starters where there is a good chance to be able to fly fish and not be surrounded by flying pyramid sinkers and chunks baits! Thanks!

11-03-2007, 05:36 AM

There shouod be plenty of places in that area to fish from shore.
Check your mail. I just sent you a PM

11-03-2007, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the link/PM. Can you fish from the beach there, I'd be happy to find a place to catch mackeral, jacks, etc. Another question: do the Albies (bonito) down there ever come close enough to shore like they do up here to target from jetties etc?

11-03-2007, 11:21 AM
I'm sure you can find beaches, bridges and piers to fish from in that area. From what I've read on Boatless Fisherman site, they do occasionally get Albies from some of the fishing piers in that area.

Ask a few questions on that site and I'm sure you'll get what your looking for. Very friendly folks there.