View Full Version : MV Vacation 7/13-7/21

07-21-2008, 11:43 AM
Just back from seven glorious days on the Vineyard with the following to report:

The GW sighting off Katama 7-10, was the real deal. Spoke with a veteran park ranger who said they have in hand photos of a GW that was a mere 20' from one of their guards while running drills in the water not 75 yards off the beach. Estimate the size between 15-18'. Not a basking for the doubting Thomas's out there. Still didn't stop me from rolling in the breakers most of the week. More then the GW, when did all those rocks roll into the surf line? Ouch.

Regarding fly fishing the beaches at first light:

Tuesday 7/15 Menemsha incoming: Seven bass on Olive/ White Clousers off heavy feeding from 5:00- 5:30. All fish between 22-26". It was hot for a half an hour and then seemed to move off the beach where a yaker continued to connect.

Thursday 7//17 Lamberts, Tashmoo, State Beach. All quiet at Lamberts at first light. In all honesty, it was my first time up there. I got suspicious of parking privalages for a non resident and only worked the beach for roughly fifteen minutes before deciding to play it safe and head to Tashmoo. Nothing along the jetties, waded deep into the pond to fish the channel with nothing in an hour plus of casting. Off to State Beach to work the shore just south of the big bridge opening. Strolling the shoreline took four bass to 23" on Olive/White clousers. Nice easy wading.

Friday 7/18 Menemsha: Bass feeding again from first light to around 7:15 or so. Ended up with eleven to 28" on Olive/ White Clousers and Deceivers. One bluefish as well. Fellow in a yak told me he was all blues just outside the inlet.

Saturday 7/19 Menemsha: Dead as a door nail.

Also enjoyed putting my son into plenty of scup which seemed to be everywhere including Menemsha, even on the fly. We also took three larger Sea Bass off a dock in Edgartown Channel that was part of our association rental. Locals are mum about Bonito, an old salt named Bob at the Wharf said one had been taken off OB. Plenty of folks scouting about with binoculars waiting for sightings. Word on the Norton's run was not much doing by a buddy I met with down at Katama. Thanks to Coop for his scoop once again.