View Full Version : Slim Pickings at Monomoy

08-22-2008, 08:06 AM
Thrus. Aug. 21. Left driveway with bro-in-law Barry at 2:30 a.m. Launched at Harwichport in dark. I was surprised to see so many trailers, mostly commercial bass anglers. A good sign (for us)? The week before I’d seen very few. Bearse’s Rip, the last hour of south flow, was fishless and almost boatless. Handerchief had plenty of boats and no fish, at least for us flyrodders. Small blues at point as always. No sign of bonito. Back to Bearse’s for two hours of north flow. Only managed a schoolie striper and several blues. So we headed to Great Point, Nantucket, hoping to find a few bones and first of albies. Nothing there save scads of bluefish. Back to Bearse’s. Only got one more schoolie and a couple blues. Down to Chatham and out to edge of Crab Ledge, hoping to see tuna. Enormous flocks of shearwaters (in fact, I hit one; but was okay) and pilot whales. Not one fish showing on surface or sonar. Bright sun hurt us, I think. Last week under heavy cloud cover I had a couple dozen big stripers along Monomoy shore. Hopefully, the last striper trip Until Nov. Took all the striper flies out of my console box and replaced them with albie stuff.