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12-15-2008, 01:22 PM
Just joined Reel Time and am hoping there are some folks out there who can help this rookie. Will be going to Grand Turks in February and am looking for the name of a good guide as well as any information on spots to wade from shore.
Any and all advice welcomed and appreciated. Thanks

12-16-2008, 02:46 PM
Grand Turk is the "top of a mountain" (maybe old volcano). It gets very deep very quickly around GT. The best flats fishing in the T&C is around Provo, but it isn't cheap.
I have to ask, are you going to GT on a cruise? I ask because thats why I went there, and I am not aware of any other compelling reasons to go. If so, I must suggest that a few rum drinks as far away from the cruise ship port as possible should be your goal on GT. There just isn't much else. Cockburn town is very quaint, unspoiled and a pleasant place to walk around for a couple of hours. There are 2 (as I recall) good places to get some conch or grouper and a rum-dumb (or 6) right on the beach- and you can swim off the beach if you are eating there- otherwise, no way mon.
Having said that, I know there is decent fishing offshore. Feb should be a decent month for wahoo and the shelf is less than a mile off of Cockburn town. A half day offshore, split with your "New Best Friend" from the casino the night before, is probably a do-able option.
Sorry I can't give you the answer you want, but I am not sure it exists.
Best and welcome :)

12-17-2008, 06:35 AM
i also don't have any names. however turks and caicos are the most expensive as far as guides go-$800 per day i am told-and they don't budge off their price- kind of a local union of sorts. that said, i've been told that the guides are first class.

check out bahamasflyfishingguide.com for names.

12-17-2008, 02:04 PM
Actually going for a week just to chill.
3 couples get together once a year to have a few rums, relax and snorkel.
The guys always bring a rod or two...just in case.
Went to Belize 2 years ago and caught bones and a Permit right off the beach in front of our place - was hoping to luck into something like that again.
Worst case scenario is I slap water for a while - $800 for a guide is a little beyond my pain threshold.
Where can I get good grouper?