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Capt. John
06-09-2009, 07:13 AM
Sorry for the delay on the "weekly fishwire" reports but I need to get in touch with Mark C on that....

Anyway- Maine has been fishing very well for stripers :) More bass around already than we saw all last June. Good numbers of bass entering the bays and shallows, kind of reminds me of the way bass fising used to be here in Maine when we used to get lots of fish early to mid-June :p
Stripers are all sizes as of this weekend, most in that 22"-28" size range but some micros and some bigger 30-38" bass around as well. We fished to small schools (lots of small schools!!) of bass slurping rain baits all over the bays and flats a few days ago. Fun stuff and the bass are no joke to catch thay are spraying up TONS of tiny (about 1") baits and getting thier attention away from the bait is not as easy as you would think in June.
Rivers and estuaries are still fishing well on the bottom of the outgoing tides

OH man- I almost forgot, my 6 yr old boy Gus caught his first two stripers all on his own throwing plugs last week !! --127-3- Talk about a proud dad --125-3..Congradultions buddy.


06-09-2009, 12:33 PM
Congratulations Gus.
I haven't had much luck in the Piscataqua although the live liner guys have. Watched some big fish come up from deep on macks over the weekend. Lots of Macks everywhere. Looked like sand eels at the mouth as well. Tight lines.