View Full Version : North Fork - 6/20-6/21

06-22-2009, 09:47 PM
Last two days tough fishing on the flats here. Visibility was very poor with almost no sight of the sun out here. and rain intermittent. Plus, it's tough to get close up on the flats with my boat - a 23 ft Seacraft. Nevertheless I was out there trying. On Saturday fished in the Peconics early but wind was driving me onshore. I was able to get a few casts off then have to start the boat to keep from running aground. I did hit the bottom at one time. Always scary.
Gave that up after an hour and headed east to a flat that I've had success with in the past. It was sheltered from the wind plus has no big rocks to worry about. Couldn't see into the water so had to blind cast. Ended up with 3 bass to 28" - all caught on a shrimp fly tied by Dave Brown of Mattituck.
Later that evening wind died and I decided to take a run to Jessup's. Wind was calm, no other boats on water. Plan was to fish for bass along the shoreline west of Jessup's but got to the buoy and fish were busting all over. Blues to 3- 5 lbs. were blasting spearing. Happily caught 6 of them while fishing in a downpour. Went back happy. Blues can save the day many times even though we curse them when we're keyed on stripers. Caught all fish on a single fly with no bite offs. Used a 60 lb mono leader.
On Sunday, there was a strong wind out of the NE. I opted to fish from shore but fishing was very tough in the estuary that I like to fish. Ended up with 2 fish on chartreuse clousers to 26" plus lost 2 others - one that looked like it would hit 10 lbs.
During both days I never saw a fish or any bait due to the visibility - or lack of. I also didn't see a lot of anglers or guides fishing my neck of the woods - Orient to Nassau Pt. Maybe action is in other places. I'll be out there this week trying again before it gets to warm for daytime bass fishing.