View Full Version : A great Autumn morning

11-15-2010, 11:50 AM
Having pulled my boat two weeks ago, I happily took advantage of a friends invite to fish the North Shore yesterday morning. He had fished Saturday afternoon hoping to find fish blitzing in the Sound but was disappointed in the overall scene. No fish, no bait, nothing marked down low. So with some fog rising off Lloyd Harbor, we met at the dock at 6:00 am and hurried along with a decision to fish the backwater.

After some fruitless attempts in Huntington Bay, we found some gulls working over water in Lloyd. Nothing was breaking the surface but it was obvious something was pushing bait to the top from down below. Idling the boat into the area casts with gurglers and crease flies went unsuccessful. Did have a bulge blow up behind the gurgler to confirm fish in the vicinity. We both made the switch to a deceiver and clouser and within a few casts brought the first of a dozen plus schoolies to the boat. Nothing big, some twinkies with our largest touching 23" or so. Still fun on an 8-wt. and just part of a great morning where we saw the sunrise light up the phragmites and golden leaves. The breath of a six point buck coming out of the trees, now silhouetted by the sun, confirmed the air temp was getting chilly.

Surface water temp in the bay was 49 degrees. Water was gin clear with visibility to the bottom in 11' of water. Some small pods of small peanut bunker still around just outside Huntington Harbor on the outgoing. Nothing on these though. Back at the dock by 9:15, picture perfect Autumn morning.

11-15-2010, 04:45 PM
Sounds just about right to me - beautiful morning.