View Full Version : 8/25 Vineyard Sound Report

08-25-2000, 05:27 PM
I had a morning fly fishing charter with my friend and regular customer Don and his friend John. We met at Green Pond at 0600 and headed out to check the usual spots. We ran north to see what was happening up there first. We ran into several pods of albies slashing and tearing up pods of bait. We managed several shots with the fly rods. They were unable to connect even though both of them threw perfectly several times. When the boats started to group up we decided to leave. We ran south and found several schools of bluefish along the way. We stopped and hooked up several in the 3 to 5 pound range. After loosing a few flies we continued south. We got to Woods Hole and found a similar scene to yesterday. Tons of bait in a small area being decimated by good size bass. As was the case yesterday, more isn’t always better. So much bait and only 2 flies. The odds are poor. We tried several different patterns to get their attention. We landed several nice bass in the mid to upper 20’s on various flies. Nothing REALLY worked well. We continued our run south and located several more pods of albies. They were very fast moving and never stayed up long. This made fly-fishing for them quite a task. I decided to put the guys into the BIG blues that I had hooked up earlier in the week. We ran to the spot which took some time only to find the swells we HUGE! The place I had fished now looked like the Kona Pipeline. Eight foot breaking waves is way out of my league. We decided to head north to hit some more of the usual spots on the way. In our travels we located more pods of albies. Some of the pods stayed up for 30 to 90 seconds at a time giving us a fair shot at getting close and getting in a cast. Unfortunately like the bass in the Hole the bait was thick and getting hooked up proved to be difficult. We also located a nice school of bass in the sound; they were also working a ball of bait. These fish were more co-operative and were willing to bite. I even got a shot while “teasing” them near the boat with a hook less plug. The fish wouldn’t let the plug go for quite some time. We ended the day back at Green Pond with around 1400. We had a fair amount of bass and blues for the day but the tunoids escaped us. It is a shame as Don and John are both great casters and could reach out and touch schools of tuna at a substantial distance. The little guys just were not willing to take the flies we were using. I think the huge pods of bait are great to bring the fish in close but when they get keyed in on the pod it becomes tough to convince them to take a fly. Even the usual tricks of blind casting with a sinking line near the pods failed to get the job done today. Even wit the lack of a tunoid the day was great and as always Don is a pleasure to fish with.

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