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3-Cs 04-22-2009 09:13 AM

Striped Bass Stock Assessment?
Wondering where the preliminary numbers are for 2008? I have heard rumors here and elsewhere that the Striped Bass stock assessment numbers are way down.

I thought that the Stock Assessment Workshop's (SAW) preliminary assessment numbers are published in January, and posted online at ASMFC's website in February following the year assessed.

Here it is approaching the end of April, the new Striper Season almost upon us, and all we have are rumors . . . ???

Does someone out there know the deal . . . ???

Ditch Jigger 04-22-2009 07:10 PM

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The MD YOY index for 2008 was 3.2. Pretty low, but it was 13.something the year before. 2006 was another below average year but it was close to 20.0 in 2005.

One thing to keep in mind with YOY indices--back in the 70s and 80s, an "average" YOY index was considered to be 8.0. From 1989 until 2001 you had some years that were off the charts--so much so that they raised what is now considered to be an "average" YOY index to 12.0.

That's the MD YOY index. The Hudson YOY index has been consistently good since the 1990s:

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