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Striped Bass Scoping Meetings

A good question to ask Commissioner Pat Kehiler is why Maine voted against the MA proposal by Commissioner Paul Diodati to cut the Recreational and Commercial catch by 30% in 2014 ---- NH also voted against the same proposal --
It was my understanding that Pat supported the cuts --but was out voted by the two other representatives from Maine -----thus giving Maine a no vote !!! Maybe we need another conservation vote by proxy in Maine ----New Hampshire has a similar problem
-- So Maine and NH both kicked the can down the road for another year with no changes ----- the stock is down 80%!!!!
Then to add insult to the whole process Maryland makes an announcement at Thanksgiving time that will be increasing their commercial catch by 1 million Lbs -- to target the 2006 year class while they are still in the Bay ==== INCREDIABLE !!!!! Less fish for us here in Maine and NH !!!!
We all need to attend these meetings and tell our representatives we are tired of this lack of action
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