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I haven't been down to the OBX in years, (I'm on the VA Eastern Shore) so please take this with a grain of salt, but trying to find a full-service fly shop down this way is going to be tough, if not impossible. There used to be a couple in the Virginia Beach area, so you might find something there. If you do find one listed, it would be wise to call & see if it still exists. Fly fishing the Mid-Atlantic coast can be a pretty lonely pursuit; there just isn't a lot of it done here. I get all my stuff online these days - to my knowledge, there isn't a single fly shop on the whole Delmarva peninsula, and I doubt NC is any better. If you're just looking for general fishing information, check out the bait shops. Also, you might find some OBX info on the Virginian-Pilot weekly fishing report. (Thursdays) The Tidalfish forum is another place to check. If it's tackle you're looking for, you'd better count on bringing your own.
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