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Old 06-17-2007, 03:55 PM
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Weekly Fly/Spin/Wade S.E. Cape Cod, Chatham, Monomoy and beyond Fishing Report

Weekly Fly/Spin/Wade S.E. Cape Cod, Chatham, Monomoy and beyond Fishing Report

The fishing over this past week has been ok to incredible. Those faster tides certainly helped. We fished from the inside - outside from P-town, Turo all the way down and around the Cape to the Harwich - Barnstable area. Every place had fish, it was just a matter of how many. Sometimes it was a fish on almost every cast and at other's we had to work for them. Even in the few area's we had to work for them we still always had a presence of fish. A presence of fish to me means we have opportunity. A presence of fish means we either see them on the light colored sand flats, birds working with the occasional splash or swirl of a fish, seeing other's hooked up, seeing a few keepers on another's stringer, seeing a fish follow our fly. etc...
We easily got out of all of that N.E. wind this past week. I have lots of places to fish where that wind is blocked or we cast with it or across it. Simple Same with a S.W., Etc.... We never ever let Mother Nature intimidate us or tell us when, where we can or can not fish. We simply adjust (within reason of course
Fly - We picked them up on big white Deceivers to thin sparse white and olive sand lance imitations.
Spin - Sluggo's, Fin-s, Storm, White Rubber Tube Squid for the surface and a few different hard body plastic surface and subsurface divers - swimmers - lures. All produced Blues - Bass
Randy Jones - Fishing Reports, Pictures, Ramblings, Tips and Articles
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Old 06-18-2007, 05:55 PM
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Location: Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y.
Posts: 569
OOOps, forgot to post this last week :) Enjoy

6/10/07 Wade S.E. Cape Cod "and Beyond" Fishing Reports

All surf, most flats N-S-E and W., pretty much the entire Cape Cod area inside and out are with Blues and Bass of all sizes in our Spring fishing locations. Bring your wire for the blues if fishing anytime soon. Sight fishing, blind casting, Wade, Fly/Spin, are all producing nicely. Keepers - Resident, Migratory, Etc.., Easiest time of the year to catch a keeper while wading, Experience helps! Fish in all the normal Spring spots. Its just a matter of how many. Sometimes you will find one on almost every cast and other times you'll need to work for them. I guess that's fishing. Same ol same hole. Please be extra careful with these exaggerated tides. Please remember to carry a whistle, GPS and a compass should the fog roll in fast and make seeing more than 10 feet away impossible. It is soooo easy to get turned totally around in a heavy fog (I have) on those flats. Thats why they call them a flat, there is normally no up or down to help you navigate your way back to safety. Please remember, their is only one right way back (and that will probably zig - zag) and about a thousand wrong ways to walk back to the safety of shallow water or dry sand when we have pea soup fog and the tide is coming in. I like to take a compass reading once Ive reached my fishing location. Even if the weather is bright and sunny and their is no forecast for fog. It can roll in heavy and fast. Be safe as always, they are not worth it.
Flats, Wade, Fly, Sight and blind, S.E. Cape 6/3:

Started off on a low tide hole that tends to hold lots of fish. Ton's hanging here, easy pickens, lots of bent rods, all 24-26 inch'ers. Normally a few bigger, but not today. With the sun trying to make an appearance and then finally staying out for a good 2-3 hours today (surprise!) we moved 100 yards to one of the best flats in N.E. 4-5 schools of 15-50 fish, even combination of Bass and Blues, LOTS of BIG single and double resident Bass. Probably around 200 or so sighted over this VERY short period of prime time sight fishing. Almost steady fish. Our bonus of the sun and sight fishing finally disappeared so we called it another grand day of many. Hope you all get a chance to sample some of the finest flats sight fishing around, some time soon and wishing you the best of luck!
Best Fish's,
6/5 Wade, Fly, S.E. Cape and Beyond
Decided to stay fly wade inshore with the high winds and leave wade
off shore for Wed. (Sun and light winds forecast. Can you say big
fish on the flats while sight fishing?)
Started off in a 99% guaranteed spot. Turned into seeing a few
fish follow the fly, but not'n. I guess we got the 1% Thats
fishing, first time this spot hasn't been loaded at this very
specific part of this tide, time of the year. Figure the Blues
had recently made a mess of this spot. Seen it a million times,
at this time of the year. If nothing else, it sounded
like a good realistic enouph excuse at the time. I then
started chain smoking.
Glad to report that we soon left and found another very
normally productive spot that WAS loaded. Simple as spread'n
soft but'a on a warm muff'n. Ray Charles fish'n.( Even I could
catch one As the tide rose around us while fly wading, so
did the movement of bait and larger fish. Ended the day with
a keeper. Bent rod almost the entire time here.
Small normal bait - color to Shad. White under olive clouser's
"basically" produced the best for us. Best Fish's, Randy
Lil sun, saw a few on the flat, then cloudy, moved 10 feet and began what was a looong day of catching while blind casting mostly into a wonderful low tide spot. Occasionally you could see the hugh school of Bass tightly packed moving about in the hole they were trapped in at the low. Almost to easy.
The sun made a half hearted attempt at showing itself which allowed us to sight fish a little. Saw some nice ones but with the poor lighting, they saw us at the same time. Whenever you have thin white clouds over the sun it cuts down on the quality of light making it harder to seem. We also had white cloud's on the horizon where you are trying to look which causes a glare on the water, again making it more difficult to see them.
No matter, we poked around with the spinning rods today and found one hole absolutely teaming with all sizes of bass. For an hour straight we had 6-7 fish chasing our rubber squid on the surface all trying to slam it one after the other. We also had these same numbers chase are subsurface rubber sand lance and larger wide body lures to the edge of the hole time after time. Neat to see! Sure, occasionally we would get one on. It was fun just to see the numbers of fish in this hole all chasing our lures to either the surface or edge of hole. Lots of great explosions on the surface. Fished 5-6 other holes with only the occasional fish. We had incredible catching (all visual) for about an hour today as the tide ripped through this hole as the tide bottomed out, otherwise we fished the rest of the day for one here and their.
Started off after the high casting the fly rod to very large numbers of fish. Almost too easy, just the way we like it. Fish crashing bait on the surface underneath the tip of our rod. This action lasted almost the entire time we were in this location. Then we headed off shore using the shuttle boat to wade around with the fly rod. The water was ripping through the hole as we neared the low. The fish were eating heavily in this location and we managed to fool a fair number of them. Not as many fish in this spot as days past. Just enouph to keep it interesting. This location also offers the angler a chance to sight fish should the sun appear. It did and we saw a number of keepers hugging the shallow crystal clear water light colored sand flats. Once the sun left us, we left the flats. If you dont have a good sun then its not worth it. Lately we have had a lot of thin clouds covering the sun which closes your window up by at least 30-100 feet and white clouds on the horizon which causes a wonderful glare on the water right where your looking. The two together make it challenging at best to try sight fishing. Normally with these conditions by the time you see them, they see you. Also, you wont see all the fish that are 40 feet and further out. We stopped on our way back to the shuttle boat and blind cast into the boat channel for about 20 minutes with out a nibble. Noticed birds working feverishly all day off the edge of the flat over the grass. Tons of bait and fish underneath them.
Another one of many fun, educational, exciting days.
Best of luck, Randy
Nice wind and cloud link for Nantucket Sound, S.E. Cape. Pretty accurate and what I look at each morning before deciding my fishing game plan.
Mail Bag:
I am curious where you saw all those fish? I fished the bath tube
on thurs and south beach on friday and the fishing was sparse to
say the least thanks, Rich
Hi Rich,
I was in your same general area on a flat and possibly surf. No secret's.
Same ol same hole. We had a challenging day on S.B. last week also.
It helps to be on the sand almost everyday working (full - time guideing )
for the last 10 years or so. Also, notice that the tides are getting better
since last week? That alone helped us yesterday. Most of us experienced a
lil slower fishing last week due to the slowness of those tides, the extra
distance that had to be consistently achieved to get the fly on'm fast and
accurately when sighted, combined with mother natures all day rumblings,
so we can't be to hard on ourselves. Best Fish's, Randy
HI there, I have a trip planned to Chatham for the last 2 weeks of June.
How do you expect the fishing to be at that time and can a surfcaster
fishing at night be successful ? Thanks for the help, I know where
to fish just need a little reassurance. Rob

Hi Rob,
I accidentally deleted your email on Reel-time to me.
Everything looks good for your trip. You will start off with normal tides, then slow, then fast to finish the month. Look generally for the fishing to be close to what the tides are doing. Slow tides, normally (not always) slow fishing, fast tides - fast and furious fishing with fresh fish around and eating lots of bait real good!
Looks good! Randy

Oldie from the archives but goodies from a past season. I read it, found it not only fun but interesting and educational. Who would have guessed. Felt it was good enouph to share with you again. Hope it helps!

Amazing! June 24-28 Wade, Flats, S.E. Cape Cod fishing, fly
June 28 wade, fly, spin fishing S.E. Cape Cod Update:
Another amazing day. Birds, bait and fish crashing on the surface greeted us first thing this morning. It was within the first several cast's that my guest hooked up to his first fish of many. After hammering them in the first spot, the fish knew we were there so we had to move to find fresher less educated fish believe it or not. Next spot was even better with fish coming to hand on what seemed to be, almost every cast. We started off sight fishing with fish feeding in the current in 6 inch's of water flashing, tailing, boiling! Amazing to see this!! It was simple as spread'n soft but'a on a warm muf'n. Then we moved to a hole and it was loaded with fish eagerly coming to my guest's fly. To release his fish I would crawl to the edge so as not to spook the other fish that were here. At one point my guest was casting, fishing to the fish, fighting fish, landing them from his knees to keep a low profile, at my suggestion. It worked in spades. Once they know your there they stop feeding in this one location. So by blending in, getting out of their window we were able to maximize the quality of fishing. We also were able to hook-up by sight fishing to there flash's. Pretty neat stuff and I always enjoy the fun of fishing as close to the sand as possible. It reminded me of trout fishing. Most anglers would stand waist deep or on the edge and scare the fish and decrease their odds. Always try to hide and or blend into the fish's environment and you'll find your success rate double. (Try bending over when sight fishing to get out of the fish's window. You'd be surprised at the number of anglers (including my guest's and sometimes myself) who unknowingly BLOW shots at fish by simply not bending over when the fish approach's. Many many times the ball game is COMPLETELY over before you have even made your cast. (hint) Remember, speed and accuracy needs to be achieved. Tight loops (3-feet) and double hauling and you'll be on your way to "Fish On"!
Another great day with these tides, weather, aggressive fish and my guest's great company on the flats,
June 27 wade, fly, spin fishing S.E. Cape Cod Update:
Got lost in the fog (pea soup) and missed my spot. It was a dropping tide, dark day and fish all over, so no worries mon. As we walked to the edge the birds and fish were crashing bait on the surface and the festivities began with some nice Bass coming to hand in the extreme current in a narrow cut (funnel) ye-haa! We did a different type of sight fishing today. We followed mother natures signature clues on where the fish were and how to catch them. We used several different flies and lines depending on what the current was, depth was, size of fish, blind or sight fishing, fish on surface or sub-surface and what the fish wanted, etc....It all worked in spades. We also looked for the flash's the Bass make when feeding and simply led them. Fish on! Even with the heavy fog we were able to see the fish by knowing where the sand was the whitest, shallowest and where they would travel through the smallest area at each specific part of the tide. Dont get much but'a.
Now get back to work before the boss or wife catch's you!
Thanks for stopping by, Randy
June 24 wade, fly, spin fishing S.E. Cape Cod Update:
Fish (mostly schoolies covered in sea lice) galore were sight fished to in 1 to 3 feet of crystal clear water on these hard bottom light colored sand flats in the morning. (Amazing) After that we only saw the occasional fish and or school due to extreme high winds. Caught some, left the rest for you.
Best Fish's, Randy
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